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Frequently Asked Questions

On DrugstorePrincess, we hope to be able to provide you with answers to ALL of your beauty questions!  As such, we get a lot of similar issues in our inbox.  To help you guys out, DSP has gathered all of the most popular questions together and organized them by category for easy reference.

On your keyboard, press CTRL+F, and then enter one of the following categories to find what you’re looking for fast:  Miscellaneous, Face Makeup, Lip Makeup, Eye Makeup, Skincare, Makeup Brush, Hair

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Will you promote/rate/follow my blog?

No, sorry. I don’t believe in promotions. I also can’t follow with this blog, as it’s just another blog off of my main account. If you want to gain followers, do it the old fashioned way!!! (With work, quality, and passion). I also don’t check out blogs upon request, especially if you’re not a beauty blog. If you’d like me to check you out, join the Beauty Blog Directory… *Click Here*

How long have you had this blog? 

Since February 26th, 2011… you do the math.

Are you paid by any companies to give biased positive reviews on any products?

No. Any reviews that I write of products are based off of my own experiences and reactions. The only bias that I have is that I am swayed by my personal preferences in textures, finishes, and results. I always educate myself through other people’s reviews before recommending or describing a product to a follower, so I promise you that my word is as even as I can possibly make it. Any preference I appear to have for any particular brands is purely coincidence, because I have positive reactions to multiple products.

I don’t agree with a product you just recommended/complained about.

I’m sorry, but as I said - my reviews are based off of my personal preferences and experiences. Before anyone makes a decision as to whether to purchase a product or not, they should read as many different reviews as possible to become thoroughly educated about it. My word is not the last, on any subject.

Do you have any tips on how to become a Makeup Artist?

Here’s a great post that will give you all of the advice you need: *Click*

I just started a new beauty blog - Do you have any tips?

Of course! Although I’ll never give you advice on how to gain followers (that’s just stupid!) I’d be glad to help. Here’s some of my best advice: *Click*

What makeup products are essential/would you recommend for a young teen who wants a natural look?

All you really need on a daily basis are a few light products - tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara and a tinted balm or gloss! I have an in-depth post with recommended products and other suggestions Here!

What is your favorite drugstore ________________________?

My favorite concealers, powders, foundations, primers, eyeliners, and mascaras are *here*

What is your favorite high end __________________________?

All of my favorite high end items can be found *here* and *here* :)

What are your favorite products from ELF?

What is your favorite makeup brand?

It’s hard for me to decide! I love Revlon all together, as well as Physician’s Formula. NYX is super high on my list as well! At the high end, I’m a sucker for Urban Decay, Stila, Nars & MUFE eyeshadows, MAC lipstick, Nars and Benefit cheek things. I also adore Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, as well as Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

Can you give me some dupes for _____________?

Sure! All of the dupes I know of, and that other people have informed me of, can be found **Here**

What is the difference between matte, cream, frost, and shimmer finishes?

Here’s a quick post… **Click**

What are some makeup brands that are cruelty free?

Click Here for the official list from the PETA website!

Are you on YouTube?

Yes I am!  I’ve only recently started posting again. DrugstorePrincessHB’s Channel

Who are some other beauty gurus you love on YouTube?

+ Pixiwoo

+ Pixi2woo

+ LoveMelisaMichelle

+ GossMakeupArtist

+ LilithTheDarkMoon (hair)

And my VIPs:

+ Kayleenuhmang

+ LoveHeatherette2010

+ DiruAK

+ TheScienceOfChic

+ MizzBabzyBee

What are some other good makeup blogs on Tumblr?

I’m currently in the process of creating a Beauty Blog Directory for Tumblr!  If you would like your blog added to this official list, please see this post:

Other beauty advice & review sites?





What are “undertones”, why are they important and how do I figure out my own?

Here’s the post you’ve been looking for: Click Here!



What foundation would you suggest for someone with oily or combination skin?

I almost always say the same thing to this question - Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation is ideal for oily skinned girls, because you can choose a formula specifically for your skin type. They also have a large range of shades, from very fair to deep skin. The best part is that they last - all day. (Review under Thumbs Up)

What foundation would you suggest for people with dry skin?

Definitely make sure you’re using a cream or liquid foundation - just powder on your skin will chap and dry out your skin even worse. I highly recommend Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation, because it’s hydrating and helps reduce redness, clear up blemishes, and give your face an overall glow. This is also my recommendation for normal or even acne-prone skin! (Review under Thumbs Up) More recommendations *Here*

Are there some affordable brands that have really light foundations for people with fair skin / really dark foundations for people with deep skin tones?

Unfortunately drugstore brands have a bit of trouble making foundations at either end of the spectrum.. they rarely have truly light or dark shades (just a ton in the middle!) Your best bet is to try a higher end foundation, as they tend to have a broader selection of colors. But at the drugstore level, three brands stand out when it comes to shades:

+ L’Oreal True Match

+ Revlon Colorstay

+ Maybelline FITme

What is the best way to apply foundation?

There are many ways to apply foundation, and all of them have their pros and cons!  Using brushes is the best way to get lighter, more natural coverage, and using your fingers will allow you to build up more coverage.  Here is the best process for applying foundation:

What is your favorite inexpensive primer?

I’ve answered that **Here** :)

What should I be looking for in a Tinted Moisturizer? What are your favorites?

Click here to be directed to my blogspot blog, where I have a detailed post! :)

What are some good (affordable) face highlighters?

Take a look at This Post for my favorites!

How do you apply blush properly, so that it looks natural?

Blush is easy to wear, as long as you know how to apply it. It really does brighten up your face in a way no other type of makeup can.

First of all, get a blush shade that’s the same color as your cheeks are when they’re naturally flushed. Pinch your cheeks a few times to see what this will be… usually it’s just a muted pink shade. Coral is also very flattering on all skin tones.

Next is the application. With powder blushes (easiest to apply, usually) you’ll need to use a brush… a big fluffy blush brush, preferrably. Swirl it in the blush a couple of times and then tap the excess off with your finger. Then, smile like a goofball… and apply a thin layer of blush to the apples of your cheeks. The lighter the application, the better - you can easily add another layer of blush, but if you over-apply you’ll look like a clown. To finish, just blend the edges of your blush in with your fingers or another, clean brush, to soften the lines and make your blush look as natural as possible. Don’t blend it downwards - blend it up a bit and out towards your temples.

Cream blush is easy to apply as well, and is very blendable. Once again, only use a VERY small amount, and apply it in the same area… use your fingers this time. Swirl and blend until it looks as light or as bright as you like.

Otherwise check out my Makeup FYI page for more makeup techniques and information.

Concealers and creams for covering up dark undereye circles?

Here’s a post that will tell you some fantastic products that won’t break the bank: Click!




What is the best facial cleanser?

I’ve broken each of my favorites down by what skin type they’re best for, HERE

How do I get rid of dark undereye circles and puffiness?

Sleep, a proper diet high in skin-enhancing nutrients, and drinking lots of water should alleviate your undereye issues, but if not, you should actually talk to your doctor. There are tons of health issues for which undereye circles are symptoms, which can be serious and only treated by a doctor.

Eye rollers and creams are really just treatments that temporarily make your dark circles lighten and brighten. Hydration, cool temperatures and caffeine all will help naturally relieve your dark circles from the inside out, which is what those products provide. Honestly they’re not bad options. I definitely recommend trying out an eye cream, because a lot of times thin, dehydrated skin is the cause of your dark circles (you can see your veins through the transparent skin). But eye rollers are a waste of money - instead, get a cheap box of tea bags, wet one at night and store it in the fridge until the morning. Then apply it like a compress to your eyes when you wake up - they will instantly reduce puffiness and lighten your dark circles. A DIY miracle!

Shaving tips to avoid razor burn?

Some tricks are to make sure you exfoliate the area you’re shaving first.. I use a loofah. Then apply oil to the area.. it can be baby oil, olive oil, veggie oil… this will soften both the skin, the hair, and the hair follicle, and give you a much closer shave without damaging your skin. Make sure your razor is sharp! And I think it’s better to shave while you’re in the shower, because the hot water will open up your pores and make shaving much easier. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturize immediately afterwards! Use a lotion that’s unscented. You can also use a stick deodorant to quickly swipe on your bikini line (NOT in your hoo-ha)… it will protect your skin.

I’ve tried every cream, cleanser and mask out there, how can I get rid of stubborn breakouts?

Here’s some tips:

What is your best advice and recommendations for acne?

Here is a huge post I created with all of my best tips! Click Me

Tips for clearing up body acne?

Acne is usually caused by stress and hormones, but usually body acne is easily treated with a few changes in your shower routine! So no worries.

First of all I really recommend getting a body wash with salicylic acid, and using it with a loofah for exfoliation! Shower nightly and suds up to get rid of the day’s dirt and sweat that would otherwise break you out while you sleep.

Another good idea is to stash anti-acne pads in your bag(NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES), and swipe them across your shoulders and chest after work before you go out to run errands or whatever you’re doing. The less time your skin spends all sweaty and tired, the fewer breakouts you’ll see!

And my final suggestion is the thing that most girls never think of! You know when you condition your hair and it sets on your shoulders while you shower? Make sure to suds your back off after you rinse your conditioner out! Otherwise the greasiness of the conditioner will be left on your skin, clogging your pores and causing breakouts. I clip my hair up while conditioning, off my shoulders, and then wash my back quickly after I rinse it out! It really makes a difference.

Click here for a full post with product suggestions!

What is your daily skin routine, day and night?

Morning - Exfoliate in the shower with a good scrub, like Clean and Clear Morning Burst or the first step in ProActiv, depending on how I’m feeling. Then I put on my moisturizer, usually Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer (an important step for everyone!). I also wear an anti-wrinkle cream under my eyes, for prevention purposes (Garnier Nutrisse). Evening - I remove my makeup with olive oil (melts like butter and hydrates your skin), and wash my face with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or Neutrogena Naturals. Every other night I’ll alternate between a clay mask (Noxzema) and a DIY aspirin mask (just aspirin dissolved in warm water to a paste, applied on spots and redness). Then I will rinse my face again, apply a toner (sometimes, it’s usually ProActiv’s) and a nighttime moisturizer over that, usually a clarifying one with salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide. However, the most important parts of my skin care routine come from the inside! Drinking water, taking a daily multivitamin, and exercising for a few minutes every day does wonders for the skin. I have a hormonal imbalance (PCOS) that makes my skin break out more often than it should, so I usually see better results with these inner cures than the outer ones :)

I have a special event coming up, and I really want my skin to clear up before then! Any tips?

Skin Bootcamp:

A solid skincare routine is essential for the few weeks coming up to a special event.  You have to stick to it every day so that your skin gets used to it and clears up consistantly.

Wash your face with an acne cleanser twice daily.  (If your skin reacts poorly work up to twice a day by using it just in the morning.)  Apply a moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide or salicyic acid to fight blemishes afterwards.  If you have blackheads that you want to get rid of, use a toner first to purify your pores.  At night, apply a spot treatment to your affected areas.  Once or twice a week, use a mask (preferrably a clay mask, with sulfur in it - see my Queen Helene Mint Julep review and recommendations!).

TRY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE to wear as little foundation as possible.

Drink water constantly, to flush toxins out of your system.  Hydration will help your skin’s balance and circulation as well, and will help reduce redness, dry patches, and dark circles.

Exercise!  It really helps your skin look as clear and bright as possible.  

 Cut out any excess sugar and salt from your diet that you can - caffeine as well.  These dull the skin and cause you to produce more oils, which can clog pores in excess.  Eating right in general will promote good health, inside and out.

And finally, RELAX!  Stress and hormones are the biggest causes for breakouts, so the calmer you are, the clearer your skin will be.

What products do you recommend for treating stretch marks and scars?

Any essential oil will work when rubbed into the skin; also Shea and Cocoa Butter work amazingly! And you can use them all over your body. I have an in-depth post **Here** and you can see more information **Here**



What is the most flattering red lipstick for my skin tone?

Lipstick with blue undertones looks great on EVERY skin tone. It will accentuate your complexion as well as make your teeth look whiter. Shade suggestions: Click here!

How can I rock a red lip in a casual setting?

Check out this post *Here*

My lips are very thin - How can I create the illusion of fuller lips?

I’ve written some tips *here* that will help you!

What lipcolors can I wear with which skintone?

My lips are constantly chapped, dry, and painful. How can I correct this?

The most well-known advice might actually be very wrong for you! Here is a post with my best advice: Click!



Do you know how I can get my hair to grow?

+ Get regular trims - I know this doesn’t make sense, but even if you just snip off a centimeter of your hair yourself when you start to see split ends, you’re going to see a world of difference.  Split ends are a sign of real damage, so eliminating them is going to give your hair new life and softness.

Deep condition as much as possible - hydrated hair equals healthy hair.

Avoid heat styling as much as possible - straightening, curling, even blow drying will singe and damage your strands.  Going natural as much as possible is going to keep your hair happy.

You can also start taking some vitamins and supplements that encourage hair growth, like Fish Oil and Biotin :)

Also, remember that everyone’s hair grows at different rates.  The key is to make your hair as healthy as possible!

What are some good, inexpensive products for color-treated hair?

Here’s a post with some product recommendations, as well as a DIY recipe for you to try: Click Here!

Tips & Product Recommendations for Frizzy, Dry, Damaged Hair?

The most important tip I can give you to make your hair smooth and beautiful is to make it healthy! Here’s a post with lots of recommendations and more information on how to do so: Click!



What eyeshadows look best with my eye color?

I’ve written an in-depth post on the topic HERE

What are your favorite mascaras and why?

My mascara clumps, runs, or just doesn’t work for me! How can I determine the best mascaras for my eyes?

Eyeliner never stays on my waterline.  Help?

Here’s my best tips:


What’s the best way to clean your brushes?

What brushes do you use?

My brushes are mostly from ELF (their Studio Line), Crown Brush, or Sigma. I also greatly enjoy EcoTools and Real Techniques brushes… all are great quality for a decent price!