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Review: ELF Studio Brow Kit

Having structured, perfect brows is not only a hot trend right now, but it can also make your whole face look younger, brighter, and more awake.  Having full brows is a must for any eye look, and pulls your whole makeup routine together.  

But filling in your brows doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!  This ELF brow filler is my daily go-to and really does the trick without breaking the bank.

This small, sleek compact comes with a gel/cream, a powder, and a small angled brush.  It is smudge-resistant and provides even, natural color that isn’t red-toned and applies very smoothly.  There are four shade options:  Light (which is what I use), Medium, Dark, and Ash.

The left and darker side of the kit is the gel.  The gel is very opaque and will help keep every brow hair in place as well as fill in any empty spots.  The texture is great and doesn’t look unnatural even if you over fill or change your arch.

The right side is the powder.  The powder is lighter than the gel, but is also very opaque and looks perfectly natural when applied.  You can use both the gel and the powder at once, or you could choose to use just one (I use just the powder most days, because it is the perfect shade for my brows on it’s own).  

The brush is very small, but is a perfect miniature of the Studio Angled Brush from ELF, and is dense and perfect for filling in brows.  It is actually double sided, with a sort of flat shader brush on the other side.  On the go, it is very convenient to use.

Overall, I would say that this is a must-purchase for those of you who fill in your brows daily, or who would like to try it out.  I almost forgot the best part… it’s only $3!  Completely affordable and sure to impress.

—->  Purchase it *here* or at some Walmart, Kmart, or Target stores.

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21-across asked: Do you possibly have any tips for false eyelashes? how to apply them, what kind to get, etc? thanks so much!

Of course!  Falsies can seem intimidating, but as with anything, they’re easily mastered with just a bit of practice.  

Quick Tips:

  +  For most eye shapes, falsies are a bit too long, so don’t be afraid to trim them a bit (from the inside).  Try them on first just to see.

  +  Using tweezers to place the lashes on your eye can help make sure they’re in the right spot and steady your hand, but don’t be afraid to use your fingers to hold them in place while the glue dries if that’s easier for you.

  +  Apply eyeliner first, and then cover any glue spots afterwards as well to make the lashes look seamless.  Also, apply mascara after you apply the falsies to bring both your natural and fake lashes together so they look natural!

I have more tips and recommendations on *this in-depth post* if you want to check it out!

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beejers93 asked: Hello there! I recently got a sample of Tarte's mineral bronzer in park ave. princess from Sephora, but I'm almost out...:( is there anything similar but cheaper? Muchas Gracias!

Tarte’s bronzers are to die for, but really pricey!  A great bronzer that will give you the same luxurious effect is Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster.  It will really give your skin a gorgeous glow without looking unnatural or gaudy.  Although they’re not the same style of bronzer (pearls vs. pressed powder), they give the same effect - light bronzing, subtle highlight.

Also, this bronzer is a great option because like Tarte’s, it is oil and talc free, and formulated with minerals.

Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Pearls - $8


Tarte Mineral Bronzer - $29

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till-therewas-you asked: what's your favorite brand of false eyelashes? Love this blog, thanks for all your advice & tips :)

Thanks hon, I’m glad!

I don’t really discriminate when it comes to falsies, and I never spend much money on them.  I suppose my favorites are Red Cherry and Salon Perfect, which are both quite inexpensive but still really nice quality.  I always choose lashes that are made with natural hair, because synthetic/plastic lashes look really unnatural.

Salon Perfect lashes can be found at stores like Walmart, and you can often find Red Cherry lashes in drugstores or even dollar stores!

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