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My 2-Week Makeup Challenge: Day 1

You can find the challenge post *here* if you’d like to join in!

(Yes, I realize that I’m about three days behind everyone else… on my own challenge… I have no excuse, haha!)


Day 1:  What is your favorite makeup brand, and what are your top 5 favorite products from that brand?

Today I’ll go with Revlon… as many of you know, I have a lot of “favorite” brands.  Although Revlon products are more expensive than some drugstore brands, in my opinion they’re better quality than most of their competitors.  Everything from the colors, consistencies, and the packaging of Revlon products mimic those of high end brands. I also like Revlon because it’s available in countries other than the US. Although not every product from Revlon is perfect, many of them are definitely worth purchasing again and again!

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin

If you haven’t seen me suggest this a hundred times, I’d have to question your sight!  This is an amazing foundation… literally a godsend in my opinion.  It is long wearing (ACTUALLY longwearing… it will last all day without smudging or fading) and controls oil to prevent shininess.  This never transfers onto clothes, and rarely oxidizes.  There is a great selection of shades, offering colors even for those of you with extreme light or dark skin!  Colorstay also has amazing coverage… full coverage if you wish it, and if you apply it lightly you’ll get great even coverage that’s not heavy at all.  Even when applied heavily, it doesn’t look cakey or feel thick on the skin.  There is also a formula for Normal/Dry skin, which I don’t like as much (it’s not hydrating enough for truly dry skin, so I only recommend it for normal complexions).   About $10


Revlon Age Defying Liquid Foundation

Since I made a recommendation for oil control, I definitely want to suggest this for my dry skinned beauties!  Lately my skin has done a complete switch in type - from oily and acne prone to dry.  This has been a real savior for me - it applies so smoothly, and like Colorstay can go on lightly or can provide full coverage.  Although it really softens the appearance of flakiness, it doesn’t slide off and make the skin look greasy as the day goes on.  It also contains SPF 15, making it great for summer.  About $10

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains + Gloss Balm

I’ve experimented with every drugstore lip stain that has crossed my path, and these are still my #1 favorite!  Whereas most stains apply patchily, and either don’t last or fade unevenly and PARCH the lips, these are saturated with color and don’t leave my lips feeling dry.  The colors are bright and there is a great range of shades.  Each stain is double sided, with a marker-like applicator for the stain, and a clear stick of balm at the other end.  The balm goes on quite glossy, giving you the option of three great looks… completely matte, with just the stain; lightly creamy, if you apply the balm sparingly; and freshly glossy as well.  Although they don’t last over 12 hours, the color fades evenly and looks natural all day.  About $7


Revlon PhotoReady Concealer Stick

This is one of my favorite concealers of all time!  Like the Photoready foundation, which I also adore, this concealer contains a slight amount of mica, which deflects light from the area of application, rendering imperfections practically invisible.  For a stick, this concealer applies dreamily - it is creamy and soft, and blends to absolute perfection.  This is great over blemishes, as well as redness, and even the undereye area.  I recommend softening and blending this with the fingers, rather than a brush, for dark circles.  This concealer also comes in MANY shades, unlike a lot of drugstore concealer lines.  About $7


Revlon GrowLuscious Pencil Eyeliner

This is an incredible eyeliner!  Although most eyeliners from Revlon fall short, this one exceeds all other pencils for me by a long shot!  This pencil is supposed to contain a lash-growing serum, and even though I haven’t really seen many results from this (I don’t use pencils every day, so I couldn’t make a real verdict on this point) I absolutely adore every other aspect.  These pencils are incredibly pigmented, and are divinely creamy.  They apply SO smoothly with no dragging whatsoever, and allow time for blending or smudging (if you so choose, for smokey looks, which is what I use pencils for).  This even applies sharply to the waterline, and when set with eyeshadow, lasts quite a while.  There is a decent variety of shades, including a very pretty emerald green.  About $6


Revlon SuperLustrous Lipsticks

I had to include these, even though this qualifies as a sixth favorite product.  Although the ColorBurst lipsticks can apply too sheer, the SuperLustrous lipsticks are highly pigmented, fabulously creamy, and come in over 70 amazing shades.  There is also the bonus of several finishes… there are AMAZING matte lipsticks, creme options as well as pearle, which create a slightly frosted look.  There are so many fabulous colors, there’s guaranteed to be several shades you fall in love with.  Check them out!  About $7

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