yaya03091991 asked:

Do you have any tips to keep your lips moist when wearing a matte lip stick?? Pleas please please answer. I've asked like 5 times!!

Exfoliate your lips beforehand (use a toothbrush, a washcloth, sugar or a bottled lip scrub) and then apply a thick layer of lip balm.  (I like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick).  Allow the lip balm to sink in for a few minutes, and then blot away the excess with a tissue, so that your lipstick will apply smoothly.  Then just go over your lips with your color!


If your lips still get dry throughout the day, gently blot your lipstick and apply a little bit of lip balm over top.  Blotting your lipstick will remove any excess and help everything stay in place.  Hope that helps!  Otherwise, I recommend switching whatever lipstick you’re using to a more moisturizing option.

You can use a creamy lipstick and make it matte by blotting, reapplying, blotting again, and then using your finger to gently pat some face powder over top!  The powder and tissues absorb all of the creaminess to create a matte finish, without affecting the color.  

I’m sorry to you and to everyone who complains that I don’t get to their questions!  I wish that I could answer every single one in a reasonable time frame, but I simply can’t :(  Hopefully you all will continue to be patient and bear with me!  I really appreciate it.


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