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sacredsigh asked: i've always had really coarse and unruly eyebrow hairs and i have no idea how to make them stop being bushy and unmanageable. any tips?

Hey there!  Don’t worry, there are lots of options for calming down brows that seem to have a mind of their own!  I’ve got a couple of tips for you that can instantly tame your brows and to help them become more manageable over time, too!

First, I’ll recommend that you actually start conditioning your brows!  Just as actual conditioner helps to soften frizzy, coarse hair on your head, using a conditioning product on your brows will help them become easier to manipulate.  I recommend just rubbing a little bit of olive oil or coconut oil on your brows every night - since these oils are natural, they won’t cause breakouts or oiliness in your skin, and they don’t contain any fragrance or dye like hair conditioner that could irritate your eyes.  The oil will soften the hair and skin, making your rough brows more pliable!

To help you instantly get your brows in order without necessarily filling them in or struggling with lots of products, I HIGHLY recommend a wax pencil.  These are generally colorless and are easy to use.  Wax will really hold your brows in place, and the pencil will easily coat all of your brow hairs and push them into position.  You can put brow color over or under wax pencils, and you’ll still be able to move your brow hairs where you want.


Top to bottom:  Milani Brow Shaping Pencil, $5 [Found Here]  :::   NYX Eyebrow Shaper, $9 [Found Here]   :::  Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Fix Pencil, $18 [Found Here]

When you’re actually shaping your brows, trimming the hairs will have more of an effect than plucking will.  Brush your eyebrow hairs upwards, and then use trimming scissors to create a clean line along the top of your brow by trimming some of the extra length.

I hope this helps you, and everyone else who has brows that do their own thing!! :)


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dongyoungbaby asked: You might not have an answer for this haha but it's worth a shot: what are some products I can use to paint my eyebrows pink? I don't wanna dye them, but just be able to fill them in so they look pink! Thank you (:

Hello!  Oh, I’ve got an answer, haha!

The first product I’ll recommend is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Powder in “In the Pink”.  This is a super-pigmented hair chalk, eyeshadow, and brow paint all in one.  


You can get these online or at Ulta!  I like them because they really don’t need a base to show up well.  Just set them with a bit of brow gel and you’re good to go!

If you want to go a different road, just get a nice pink eyeshadow in the shade that you like, and use a white cream base, like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, underneath.  The white base will hold the eyeshadow color in place and make it look more intense.

Good luck!!  :)

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So much yes in one picture.

So much yes in one picture.

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Battle of the Brow Products - Which Method Should You Choose?

1. Eyebrow Pencils - Use a pencil to recreate or define the shape of your brows.  Pencils create a sharp line, which can create dramatic brows.  If you are trying to even out the shape or length of your brows, use a pencil.  

—- Use short, brisk strokes with pencils in the shape of hair growth in order to create a totally natural looking brow!

2. Tinted Brow Gel - Use tinted gels to alter the color of your brows and keep them in place.  This method is best for people who already have shapely, even brows who just want a bit more oomph!  Great option for people who have dyed their hair a different color and need to quickly alter the color of their brows to match.

—- Sweep brow gel through the brows in the direction of natural hair growth.  For a really locked-and-loaded brow, first sweep all hairs up toward your forehead, trim uneven hairs, and then set in the desired shape.

3. Brow Powders - Powders are easy to use and are ideal for simply filling in sparse areas of the brows and adding a little extra color.  Use powder to disguise holes or mistakes in your brow shape, but using them to create a whole new shape may look less natural.

—- Use a small angled eyeliner brush to apply brow powder to sparse areas.  If your lines get messy, use concealer to clean up the edges of your brows.  Use a gel or wax to keep powder in place longer.

4. Stencils - Use stencils to create perfectly symmetrical brows.  Although eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins, some people have severely different shapes, and would like to correct that.  Using a stencil can be tricky but provides great looking brows.

—- Hold the stencil in place over your natural brow (stencil must be similar in shape to your current eyebrows) and use a powder or pencil to fill in the shape.  Flip stencil over to create the other eyebrow.

5. Tinted Wax - Wax generally provides a bit of color and helps to keep brows in place at the same time.  This method is ideal to use in conjunction with powder, and is mainly used for filling in sparse areas rather than creating a whole new shape.

—- Use the same small angled liner brush to apply wax as you would powder.  Apply wax over or under the powder (experiment to see which order you prefer).

6.  Gel Eyeliner/Brow Mousse - Use these options to create a very defined, bold eyebrow.  These can be used for filling in sparse areas as well as creating a whole new shape.  Can be used with stencils, and can be set with brow gel.

—- Apply these cream products to the brow with any eyeliner or brow brush that you feel comfortable with.  Clean up messy lines with concealer.

Remember that your eyebrows are the foundations of your face!  A clean, defined, well-groomed brow will instantly make you look more put together and help your makeup look more fierce!  Bold brows are IN so don’t be afraid to embrace your natural shape and size!


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nvmeriastark asked: What's the best way to fill in the eyebrows? And how do you choose the right color?


I don’t think there’s really any “best” method anymore, because brows in general have become such a big deal that people are trying all kinds of new ways to fill them in, change the shape, and accentuate them.  It would really depend on the look you’re going for!  Finding the right color is easier than you think.  When looking for pencils it might be a bit more difficult, because they come in only a few set shades, but powders are unlimited because you can just use any old eyeshadow! You should use one that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color.. unless you’re a blonde like me, in which case you should use a color 1-2 shades darker than your hair ;)  Also, if you have black hair, I advise against using black to fill in your brows (use charcoal or dark brown) because it will look very fake.

For instance, if you’re looking for a totally natural, everyday, your-brows-but-better kind of fill, I think the best way is to just use a powder (eyeshadow or brow powder) on an angled brush.  Use quick, upward strokes through your brows to fill in any sparse patches.  Finish your brows and make them waterproof by swiping a bit of brow gel or clear mascara over top of them.


If you’d like a more dramatic brow look, like the popular “airbrushed” or “ombre” eyebrow, use a mixture of both powders (for filling) and pencils or gel (for outlining).  Make the tail very defined and fill it in completely, but just underline the rest of your brow.  Use the powder to fill in and blend out any harsh lines, keeping the inner parts of your brows the lightest.  Here’s an example a la ChrisspyMakeup:


And of course, the only way to make your brow fill look any good is to have perfectly manicured eyebrows!  Trim those bad boys to keep lines straight even without a pencil.  For more eyebrow info/tips/recommendations, check out THIS

Hope this helps you!  Brows are all about trial and error, so don’t get discouraged if your first try doesn’t work out.


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raquellazy asked: Do you know any dupes for the brow bar to go ?

Absolutely!  I know that Whitening Lightning’s Brow Bar To Go is really *popular* on YouTube and Instagram right now, but it’s definitely not the most amazing brow product out there, especially for the money.  I do have it and I like it, but I’ll always go back to my “dupes”.


Whitening Lightening Brow Bar - $42 -

Two brow powders, one setting gel.  Only one color choice available.


Milani Brow Fix Kit - $7 - Drugstores and Superstores

Two brow colors, one highlight shade, one angled brush mini, one sponge tip applicator, mini tweezers.  Two color choices available.


ELF Brow Kit - $3 - Kmart, Target,

One tinted gel, one powder, two applicators.  Four color choices.


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lips-red-as-the-rose asked: I have pretty thin brows, how can I do a gradient filled in brow? Great blog btw :)

Thank you!  :)

Gradient brows are actually pretty simple to do, although I do suggest practicing a bit before you go out with them.  You will need your typical brow-filling products… an angled eyeliner brush, brow powder or eyeshadow, and concealer (for cleaning up edges).

There are lots of youtube tutorials on the topic, but here is my little “how-to”:


1.  Using your angled brush and your color, draw a line along the bottom side of your brow.

2.  Fill in the tail of your brow up to the arch.  The arch and tail should be the darkest part of your brows.

3.  Use whatever is left on your angled brush (don’t add more color unless necessary) to blend the line you created in step one upwards, filling in your brow from the center to the front.  Use upward and outward strokes to make the color as soft as possible.  Once you have finished this, the front part of your brow should be lightest, gradually darkening as it goes towards the arch and then the tail.

4.  Use your concealer to clean up around your brows and to add highlight to your browbone.  Your concealer should either match your skintone, or be one shade lighter to bring focus to your newly-perfect brows!

Are you impressed with my Microsoft Paint skills?  Because I am.  Here is a little pictorial from Chrisspy Makeup, from her Instagram account @Chrisspy:


And here is a YouTube video that may help you:

Good luck!  If I’m inspired I might do my own actual pictorial later and post it for you all.

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