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Pur Minerals Dirty Girl

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hillcm asked: Would you recommend treat&tame over elf's eyebrow kit? I feel like I just waste the powder half of the kit because I don't use it, lol.

Haha that’s funny, I always feel like I’m wasting the gel half!  But I wouldn’t recommend one over the other necessarily, because they both perform very differently.  

With Treat & Tame, you can’t fill them in or draw them precisely, it really just smooths and darkens them.  You can’t create a precise line.  I use it often just to make sure every little hair stays in place!

And, unless you’re trying to grow your brows out, you’ll end up wasting the Treat half, like I do!  So you’ll be in the same predicament.  At least they’re both very inexpensive!

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hillcm asked: oh my goodness, that pen! your teeth look amazing... i have a question, though. were you using it in conjunction with the LED light, or the pen on its own?

I was using the pen on it’s own during that time period because I wanted to give it a fair trial!  Now I’m using the Kit, which includes the LED light and trays, a few times a week to maintain and brighten my teeth even further.  It really works!  I was stunned.

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hillcm asked: that picture of those pink lips made me jealous. whenever i wear a pink lipstick, it doesn't look right and my natural lip color always seems to show through. what could i do to help with this?

Try using a lip liner underneath!  I’ve found that both nude lipliners as well as matching colors help lipstick show up very vibrant and last a lot longer.  Apply the liner all over your lips.

NYX Slim Lip Liner - $3.50 each - 60 shades to choose from!!

You could also apply foundation or concealer to your lips as a base, but I find this to be slightly drying.  A lip primer would do you well, but I like the idea of lip liners more.

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hillcm asked: I have the essie matte top coat and I've noticed that it doesn't really go on very evenly... I don't know if it's me not being careful or what, but it seems like it's thick in some places and not in others and it gets annoying! Do you know what I could do to fix that?

Matte coats are difficult all-around.  Your base color underneath has to be practically flawless in order for it to look good, and it has to be 100% dry before you attempt to do the matte coat (I’m talking wait an hour for normal polishes!)

I store mine in the fridge, much to my boyfriend’s delight, and it goes on rather smoothly for me.  I try to do it all in one sweep, or two at the most.  Doing two layers of the matte top coat will help too!

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hillcm asked: Hi there! I have this issue with my skin being super red, and I know green concealers are supposed to assist in that... but I'm having trouble finding them. I got Elf's complexion thing, with the yellow/green/blue/pink, but I feel like it isn't doing much for me. But then I was looking at Physician's Formula stuff, and realized they have soo much! I was curious about their green primer, but they have a zillion other green things, and I'm not sure which route to take. Suggestions?

Physician’s Formula has tons of tone-correcting products - I always recommend them, because they’re actually good for your skin too.  I have had the green pressed powder for a few years.

However, tone correctors don’t always have a dramatic affect.  They have to be subtle so that they don’t turn your face different colors.  If you were to use anything, I would definitely suggest a green primer (or, for other correcting, a pink or peach concealer).

With the PF Mineral Wear primer, you only need to use a small amount.  It has a sort of thick consistency, because it’s formulated without a lot of harsh chemicals, so it’s a good idea to moisturize ahead of time.  And whenever you use green-tinted products, always make sure you’re only using them on the areas where you need to control redness… otherwise you might end up looking a bit Grinch-y!

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hillcm asked: What's the difference between elf's mineral eyeshadow primer and their eyelid primer?

In my opinion (as I’ve used both)… not much.  I like both of them, but I don’t see different results with either one.  They both have the same consistency, sheen, and staying power.  

HOWEVER in the technical department they DO have some major differences, in which the two extra dollars make a big difference.  

The Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is 100% mineral based, paraben free, and it contains vitamins A, C and E which are meant to help keep the sensitive skin around your eyes from aging.  The regular Eyeshadow Primer doesn’t have any of those things, but these come in more shades.

So in this case, the invisible benefits are the only difference!

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hillcm asked: What do you think of aussie hair products? I bought them before I left for school because they were cheap, but I'm using up my other shampoos first. :)

I do like them, but I don’t think that they’re the BEST.  I personally don’t like the scent of them, but usually the smell is what people like most about Aussie products.  I do really love their styling items (Catch the Wave mousse? to die for.)  but to be honest I haven’t tried any of their shampoos since I was a young teen.   Any other reviews I’ve read have been mostly positive… so let me know how you like them!  For the low price it’s hard to go wrong.  

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hillcm asked: Hi! I asked this a while back, but I think it was when you were on your hiatus (I’m not trying to call you out haha I just didn’t want you to be like UGH WHY IS SHE ASKING THIS AGAIN). Anywho, so I bought Revlon’s photoready liquid foundation, and then I realized I got it in a shade too light. So I went and bought Neutrogena Healthy Skin (can you tell I take your recommendations very seriously? (: ), but when I mixed the two to try to even it out, it was still too light. Is there anything I can

Hey there girl :)  Sorry I never got to your question, I had a lot going on back then and was too overwhelmed when I logged back on :/

ANYWAY  I’m glad you like my recommendations (well, I hope you like them, I’m just flattered that you used them!)  The problem is that when you’re mixing foundations to make the perfect neutral color, you need a much darker shade than you’d think.  Dark tints get swallowed up by lighter ones.

If the Healthy Skin makeup is close to your current face color, or just a shade or two darker, I would just add a tiny little squirt of the Photoready to make it perfect.  Then you’ll still get the luminizing effect of the Photoready, but more of the skin-loving Healthy Skin makeup.  

If you still can’t find the perfect mix, get out an old bronzer that you don’t use any more (or buy a dirt cheap on from Wet n Wild, etc) and smush it a bit - add a little bit of the powder to your foundation mixture (on the back of your hand) and mix it all in with a makeup brush.  The bronzer will tint your foundation darker without the streaks and jersey-licious-ness of just apply powder bronzer overtop.  :D

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hillcm asked: Can I be cheap and use the Hard Candy face primer as eyeshadow primer too?

Definitely, just use it lightly.  I always use foundation primer on my eyelids in a pinch.  But don’t use it every day right away - test it to make sure you don’t have any kind of reaction, like dryness, because your eyelid skin is very sensitive.  But I always use my L’Oreal Perfecting Base on my eyelids (it’s not mattefying and I don’t like using it on my face, so I put it to a different use!), and it works quite well.  :D

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hillcm asked: I bought a coral lipstick from Revlon and the first thing my mother says is ORANGE?! I love it though, haha.

Haha I hope you said “No, CORAL!” hahaha :)  I’m glad you like it!  I adore coral lips <3