leonardo-bustacaprio asked:

What are your thoughts on the MAC studio sculpt concealer.

I do think it works well, but I also believe that it is very overpriced for what you get. ($18)  It is very, very thick, and no matter what you do it seems to cake up - under your eyes, around your blemishes, around your nose, etc.  The only good way to apply it that is effective is with your fingers, and because it comes in a pot, the concealer itself becomes dirty and unsanitary quite quickly.

It does have good coverage for broad areas, say for redness or some other discoloration.  I don’t like it for blemishes, because it often causes more breakouts and actually accentuates raised spots.

Of course this is just my opinion… there are many people out there who love this product, but there are also many people who will agree with me.  I prefer NYX’s Concealer in a Jar, ($5.50) which is a dupe of this… it’s creamier and blends easier without caking.