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cyanrockets asked: your favorite neutrals palettes? both high end and drugstore!

I’m a sucker for neutrals, so I have TONS!  But here are my favorites (as in, the ones I use regularly):


LORAC Pro Palette - $42

All time favorite!  Best high end palette for your money, hands down.


Urban Decay Naked Palette - $50

This isn’t the most popular palette in the world for no reason!


88 Neutral (or 88 Warm) Palette - $16ish

So many colors for such a good price.  And they’re actually good quality! (You can get them at, also Coastal Scents, Shany, Sedona Lace, Crown Brush, etc.  They’re wholesale palettes)


NYX Caviar & Bubbles palette - $10

Unfortunately this palette has been discontinued.  NYX has other great neutral palettes, but this was the best!!


Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette - $5

I don’t use the greens much, but I’ve hit pan on all of the colors on the left side!


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athejournalist asked: Hello :) I have green eyes and fair skin, which palette should I buy? Naked 1, Naked 2 or Nude 'Tude? Thanks <3

Hi Hon!  Well, since they are all neutral palettes, they will all work about the same for you… and for everyone else for that matter!  The Balm Nude’Tude palette is significantly cheaper, but otherwise they are all the same, but different.. if you understand what I mean, haha!  They are all neutral palettes with 12 different colors that can be combined in infinite ways without ever clashing with one another.  The Naked palette runs more warm-toned, the Naked 2 cool-toned, and the Nude’Tude palette has a pretty good mix of warm and cool tones.  The Nude’Tude palette also branches out more from the metallic-brown-taupes that you find mostly in the Naked palettes… for instance a plummy wine color, and a yellow-gold.


TheBalm Nude’Tude Palette - $36


Urban Decay Naked Palette - $48


Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - $48

My best advice is to pick whatever one *speaks to you*.  Sometimes seeing them all side by side will help you figure that out. They will all look good on you, so I can’t be the one to tell you which to get ;)


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Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 Palettes… DUPED!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get on DrugstorePrincess is “What is a good dupe of the Naked palette/Naked 2 palette?”  Urban Decay’s Naked line is one of the most versatile and coveted in the cosmetic world.  They are each 12-pan palettes of neutral colors - mostly shimmers, with a few matte shades thrown in - and they are popular because you can effortlessly throw together any of the shades and they will all look good with one another!  Basically, they are fool-proof palettes, and it doesn’t hurt that the eyeshadows are good quality as well.

But each of the Nakeds cost $50 each… granted, they do come with either a brush or pencil eyeliner and a lipgloss or mini eyeshadow primer, but any way you look at it, these palettes could easily break the bank.  So finally I’ll make a post about my favorite “dupe” of these palettes…

The NYX Nude on Nude Palette!

This palette contains 20 eyeshadow colors AND 10 lip colors… all in one!  Like the Nakeds, the Nude on Nude palette is filled with gorgeous neutral eyeshadows that are a mix of shimmer and matte finishes.  You can pair any one color with any other color and they will match, plus all of these colors compliment every eye color, skin color, hair color, and occasion.  The lip colors included slide out from underneath the eyeshadows, and are a perfect mix of bright and muted colors.  They have glossy finishes and provide lots of color, and the best part is that they all match the eyeshadows!  Each pan of product in the NYX palette is larger than those that come in the Urban Decay palettes… so you get more product for less money.  Some of these eyeshadows are a little powdery compared to UD’s, but they are all nicely pigmented and very blendable, making them easy to work with.

The best part?  You get twice the product for only $25… that’s half the cost of ONE of the Naked palettes, and you get colors that are dupes from BOTH.

I highly recommend picking up this versatile and quality palette.  You can find the Nude on Nude palette in Ulta stores, or online at or!


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musingsdemeg-deactivated2014082 asked: I'm highly torn between the Naked and Naked2 palette. I can't decide which! What one would you recommend for blue eyes?

Haha well I wish I could tell you a definite answer, but as they’re both neutral palettes, they both will compliment any eye color!


I personally prefer the original Naked palette, because it is more warm-toned than Naked 2.  However many people prefer Naked 2 because it is has lots of cool tones… it is all up to personal preference.  If you wanted to be really technical, I’d say that you should determine your skin’s undertone, and then pick a coordinating palette (for help with this, check out this link)

Otherwise, go and look at them side by side in the store, and pick whatever one calls to you!! Whichever one you choose, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  <3

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escap3route asked: Hi! What's the difference between UD Naked & Naked 2? I would like to purchase it but I'm not sure which one to get (x

Image via ASoftBlackStar

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between them, honestly, and when it comes to deciding which one you want, the only real thing you have to worry about is what shades you prefer!  They are both neutral palettes, and they are both of high quality.  Each shade coordinates with every other shade, so it’s impossible to mess up.  With both palettes you can create a HUGE variety of looks, from daytime to formal.

Both palettes have an equal amount of cool and warm shades.

Naked 2 has better packaging, and comes with a lip gloss; Naked 1 comes with the primer and the shades are arranged more logically in the palette.

It’s up to you!  I see no point in getting both, as I already have the first one, and I use it often (but I’m not running low at all!)

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mangokamiii asked: Are the Naked palettes really worth it in your opinion?

They are worth it - if you have $50 to spend!  It’s a lot of money for one item, but if you wear eyeshadow often, and are more of a neutral person like I am, you will get a ton of use out of it!  The Naked palettes are very versatile, and you can create very simple, natural, or complex looks with just the one palette.

I don’t suggest getting both, unless you have a ton of money to spend - since they’re both so similar, it’s kind of silly in my opinion to purchase both.  But then again, I never spend my money freely.

If you’re looking for a great neutral palette, but don’t want to spend the money on a Naked palette, there are still a ton of options!

NYX Nude on Nude Palette - $25 - 20 Eyeshadows + 10 Lipcolors

NYX Caviar & Bubbles 10-Shade Palette - $10 -  (Check out  for all of the palette selections!)

Physician’s Formula Nude Palette - $10 - 12 Shades and great quality shadows!

BH Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette - $21 - On sale now! (Click Link)

BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Palette - $16 - On sale now! (Click Link)

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lafillecongolaize asked: I just bought the Naked2 palette and the Urban Decay Eye Primer in Original. Good buys?

Yes, and no.  Both are great products and they work very well!  The Naked palette was definitely worth it (both the original and the second version are terrific).  The eyeshadows are very high quality and you’ll be able to create countless looks appropriate for any occasion.  Even though it’s about $50, it’s worth the price.  

The Urban Decay Primer Potion is another product that works well.  I wish that the Naked 2 palette came with a sample size of the primer, as the original Naked does… the lipgloss is unnecessary.  In my opinion, the Primer Potion is very overpriced.  For me, the ELF $1 Eyelid Primer works just as well and… well, it’s only a dollar!

So although you got some great products, you definitely could have spared yourself a few bucks.  But that’s just me… I’m horrifically cheap, so I’d never spend $20 on a product that’s simply mediocre.

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molly--in--wonderland asked: i was curious as to why you think the naked palette isn't very high quality. the eyeshadows themselves are extremely pigmented, the colors are appropriate for any occasion, the brush that came with mine is great, and i've never had problems with the packaging. yes, it's pricey, but the thing will last you forever and you get what you pay for in this case. just my opinion, of course!

I do think it’s high quality, and I use mine practically every day!  But some of the shadows have a lot of fallout (hello, Half Baked)… which even in most other UD palettes doesn’t happen.  The beauty of the Naked palette is that you can do anything with it, and every shade goes with every other.  It’s good for every occasion.  But every time I rave about it someone will have to remind me of it’s downfalls.

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saraa-true asked: Alright girl, I just got the Naked2 Palette. Opinions? Reviews? Any good tutorials you may have noticed? There is not enough time in the day to discover all the different combos for it. I love the damn thing.

Haha pretty much everyone who has it loves it!  I actually decided not to get it though… I’ve still got a lot of life left in my original Naked palette, and I prefer the warmer shades.

The beauty of the Naked palettes is that every shade works well with one another!  It’s really hard to mess up any looks that you try to create with them.  I think that’s why they’re such hot sellers!  

I use my original Naked palette every day, and I’m sure that if I had the Naked 2 it would get a lot of use.  But I do have to admit that they aren’t the best quality eyeshadows I’ve ever used!  The shimmery ones have a ton of fallout and not a lot of lasting power, which has always frustrated me…  but I still love getting Naked :)

BUT I really haven’t found any tutorials that have wowed me… I looked for a long time when I was considering getting the new palette. :/

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tablazon asked: Do you think the new Naked Palette 2 is different enough from the original and worth purchasing?

Well!  It’s hard for me to choose between them.  I only recently got the original Naked palette (about 3 months ago) and I use it every day!  I will say right away that the shadows in this palette are NOT the greatest quality eyeshadows you will ever use, BUT what’s amazing about the Naked palettes is their universal appeal - the colors work great on any skintone, for any occasion, and none of the shades go poorly with any others.  It’s hard to mess up, in other words!

The Naked 2 has some shades that the original Naked certainly lacked… such as Blackout (a matte black), Foxy (a matte highlight shade), and shades with cool undertones (Verve, Pistol).  The only repeating shade is the ever-loved Half Baked (glittery gold) - I was honestly surprised that the gorgeous Naked shade (matte light brown) wasn’t included.. as it is the Naked 2 palette.  (I use Naked every day, so it’s an obvious downside for me).

As for the inclusion of a lip gloss instead of the Primer Potion, I couldn’t care either way - I don’t like the UDPP and I hardly ever wear gloss.

Packaging?  I definitely prefer the new-and-improved, non-velvet -non-dust collecting cardboard of Naked 2.

My official opinion is:  If you already have the original Naked palette, and your pockets aren’t filled with gold, then you could skip on the 2nd version.  If you’ve been lusting after a Naked palette, go for 2 - it’s more well-rounded.  I think that the Naked 2 will provide for much more dramatic looks (since they included a true black shade), so if that’s your style, then go for it!  For now I’m satisfied with my old, boring Naked original.

If you want to see swatches, check out Temptalia’s post:

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I&#8217;ll be dreaming about this when I sleep tonight &lt;3

I’ll be dreaming about this when I sleep tonight <3

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daydreamingbananas asked: Do you own the UD naked palate? I was looking into it but I don't know if it would be worth it? Thank you in advance.

$48 is a lot to spend on twelve eyeshadows… but the quality of those twelve eyeshadows is so spectacular, I WOULD almost venture to say it’s worth it.  I’m torn between my love of cheapitude and my ardor for Urban Decay.  The colors are absolutely wearable for any occasion, and they’re perfectly pigmented, perfectly blendable… just perfect.  

BUT if you don’t have fifty bucks to throw around on makeup, there are lots of cheaper alternatives out there - because the Naked palette is so popular tons of brands have been trying to dupe it.  The best one in my opinion is the Too Faced Naked Eye palette - it only has 9 shades, but just as much product and the colors are very similar.  Too Faced shadows are very high quality as well, so you won’t be sorry for purchasing it.  And you’ll see a price break - $36.

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killameow asked: you're beautiful! and I adore you for being so interactive with your followers. I have a question. I have the Urban Decay Naked palette, but I havent used it bc it's just too pretty to use. hahah, I'm just strange like that. Anyways, what eyeshadows/eyeshadow palette would you recommend for everyday neutrals? :) drugstore and high-end. Thanks so much! :)

Thank you so much :)  I’ve alwaysss wanted a Naked palette, but I’ve always been too cheap to get one!  It’s definitely supposed to be the best high-end neutral palette out there. As for me, I really like all the colors and the textures of the Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow Quads - they don’t come with as many shades as the Naked palette, but for the price you can get about six different quads!  The color is really pigmented and transfers perfectly onto your eye, and it lasts all day.  They come in matte and metallic shades, so you can customize your look however you please - they’re my absolute favorite.  CoverGirl also has some really pretty shimmery eyeshadow quads with great neutral colors :)  I hope that helps!  I’m not such an expert on the high-end side because I’m too broke to bother, but in my experience you really can get great drugstore makeup that’s high quality as well!  Thanks for asking and being so sweet :)