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BH Cosmetics Fall Makeup

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Pur Minerals Dirty Girl

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athejournalist asked: Hello :) I have green eyes and fair skin, which palette should I buy? Naked 1, Naked 2 or Nude 'Tude? Thanks <3

Hi Hon!  Well, since they are all neutral palettes, they will all work about the same for you… and for everyone else for that matter!  The Balm Nude’Tude palette is significantly cheaper, but otherwise they are all the same, but different.. if you understand what I mean, haha!  They are all neutral palettes with 12 different colors that can be combined in infinite ways without ever clashing with one another.  The Naked palette runs more warm-toned, the Naked 2 cool-toned, and the Nude’Tude palette has a pretty good mix of warm and cool tones.  The Nude’Tude palette also branches out more from the metallic-brown-taupes that you find mostly in the Naked palettes… for instance a plummy wine color, and a yellow-gold.


TheBalm Nude’Tude Palette - $36


Urban Decay Naked Palette - $48


Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - $48

My best advice is to pick whatever one *speaks to you*.  Sometimes seeing them all side by side will help you figure that out. They will all look good on you, so I can’t be the one to tell you which to get ;)


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Swatches & Review: The Balm Nude’Tude Eyeshadow Palette

(Requested by several; please excuse my poor photography skills, as this was done hastily)

This palette is originally $36, and is well worth the money.  Currently you can find it on Hautelook for 50% off, at $18

The Balm is a relatively new cosmetic company, and is 100% cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

All of these pictures are swatched over a primer, and done so with a clean, dry, flat eyeshadow brush.

Overall, I really love the texture of these eyeshadows.  They are very VERY blendable and soft, similar to Urban Decay’s shadows.  Although they do blend a little sheer, when you pack the color on they are truly lovely.  Since they are so soft, however, so I do recommend using a primer on your lids first.

This palette offers a variety of matte, almost-matte, and shimmery shades, but none are overly glittery or unwearable.  The only color I wish was included was a really light brown, because that would make this the ultimate palette.  

Color Descriptions:

Sassy - An almost-matte, satin white.  This is very opaque, and makes for a great highlight.  It is not shimmery but catches the light in a gorgeous way.

Snobby - A slightly shimmery yellow-gold.  It’s very warm and pretty, and although it seems intimidating in the pan, can go over any eyeshadow and add a pretty metallic finish.  It is lovely on it’s own.

Stubborn - Another shadow with light shimmer, this is a light pink with really subtle blue undertones.  This is also very opaque.

Stand-offish - This looks very similar in color to Stubborn in the pan, but on the skin it is a gloriously shimmery pink with gold undertones.  It’s just plain glamorous, but when blended too much it loses it’s color and is just shimmer (on my skintone anyway)

Selfish - A shimmery taupe, with a gorgeous finish.  Packed on it looks incredible, and when blended looks much more light.

Sultry - This is a matte, milk chocolate color with a bit of red in it.  It really looks like a Hershey bar.  It blends out beautifully, and when blended is just as opaque as when it is packed on.

Sophisticated - This is a much deeper brown, with almost a purple undertone.  It’s dark and delicious. Slightly shimmery.

Seductive - A medium-shade, shimmery brown with golden undertones.  This is flawless.

Sexy - It’s sexy.  It’s a deep matte plum, and is extremely pigmented and smooth.

Silly - A slightly darker plum with golden shimmer, but transfers to the skin as a more brownish shade of plum.

Serious - A pure, jet black that looks completely matte in the pan, but has just the slightest sparkle to it.  It doesn’t look cheap, and is a very rich color.

Sleek - A warm-toned charcoal, also matte.  Very dense color.

Overall I really would rate this quite high.  The packaging is adorable as well, and the palette itself is thin, and uses magnets to keep closed.

I really recommend trying it out!  I would say that this palette is better for more dramatic, dark, or going-out looks, simply because most of the shades are on the dark side, and there isn’t a good transitioning color.