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Anonymous asked: When will you post the new beauty VIPs?

I already did hon, once on the VIP blog and a couple days later on here.

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Hello beauties! I’m so sorry I have been absent for so long. I’ve been extremely busy with my now 2nd job and haven’t had any spare time. I am Miss Kentucky United States!!!

— Andrea

Congrats to our Beauty VIP Andrea on her title!   ♥  

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Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Pinkerbell. $1.99

Pinkerbell is a vivid yellow-based pink with a matte/satin finish. Like the other MegaLast Lip Colors I have, the staying period for this lipstick is pretty darned impressive for a drugstore brand!

Fun fact about this shade: Vampy Varnish has a post (which you can read HERE) on how this is a dupe for MAC Viva Glam Nicki! 

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Revlon Photoready Cream Blush Review!


*Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion of the product and that others may have a different experience with it*

I purchased the Revlon Photoready cream blush in Pinched.  It is the lightest, most natural shade of the three colors.  It’s a peachy pink with gold glitter/shimmer.  It might be hard to see it in the pan, but there IS shimmer.   I went with this color because I felt that the other colors were too bright and would look too bold on my skin.  I was wrong.

This product was really disappointing to me!  It is not very pigmented at all and I found it pretty difficult to blend.  You have to apply several layers for it to be even slightly noticeable and even then it will fade after a couple of hours.  It was also pretty pricey for a drugstore blush, although you do get A LOT of product for the money…$12.99 for 12.4 g.  But even though there is a lot of product for the price, the lack of pigmentation and staying power makes it not worth it to me.

Price:  $12.99

Where to buy:  Rite Aid and other drugstores

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Essence Single Eyeshadows in Party All Night and Shrimp Me Up.

I found these eyeshadows at Fred Meyer’s after they just set up a display of Essence. I’ve always thought that this brand was adorable and have purchased a few things here and there but this product has REALLY stuck out to me!

Despite their price and crummy packaging, this is a fantastic product. The formula’s are extremely smooth, have a great color pay off, and stay on your eyes. At 2-3 bucks a pop, I don’t see what could go wrong with them!

Party All Night is a grey-brown shimmery color, similar to Mac’s Satin Taupe. It can be worn alone for a perfect multidimensional and glamourous look. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of a quality eyeshadow this was!

Shrimp Me Up is a fantastic coral, it looks very similar to Mac’s Sushi Flower. The finish is a frost and it works wonderfully to blend out the harsh edges of an orange eyeshadow.

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16 Ways to Make Your Eyes Appear Larger!

Everybody wants the sexy yet cute doe-eyed look, so here’s some tricks and tips to achieve that.

  1. Always start with the brows. Brow shape can make or break your look, having them groomed well- not over plucked, nor under plucked, can really open up your eye area. I suggest getting your eyebrows done by a professional first and then attempting at home.
  2. Lashes all out! You want your eyelashes to be pulling your eye up, not down, so curl them up and sweep a coat or two of your favorite mascara vertically. Make sure to get down into the roots, wiggle around, and then pull up.
  3. Dimension. It can be achieved simply by using two eyeshadows in the same color family, the lighter color on the higher points of your eyes (the center of your lid, above your lashes, and inner corners) and blending into the darker color. This is just like contouring and highlighting for your eyeballs!
  4. Thicker in the middle. This can be a good thing! Apply your eyeliner a bit thicker right in the middle of your eye and the rest of it should fade out into thinner lines.
  5. Blue hue. Using blue eyeliners/shadows close to white of your eye will make it appear much brighter and have less of a chance of getting “lost,” than with black eyeliners.
  6. Lighten your load. Using light and shimmery colors on the lid will really give you a much more bright look!
  7. Conceal with peach/pink. If you have under eye bags it can really make your eyes look smaller, conceal them using a peachy/pink colored concealer- it will help much more than a normal yellow based one!
  8. Instead of smokey, go bright! If you crave that dramatic eye look but feel as though all that black makes your eyes disappear, try a bright color like blue, orange, or pink.
  9. Beam of light. Don’t be afraid to go shimmer happy on your inner corners and brow bone. It really helps bring attention to those areas and open up your eyes.
  10. Use your eye as a guideline. This sounds so obvious but many people forget that your own structure of your eye is going to be the best! Keeping the majority of the color around your natural eye shape will help make sure that you don’t get too carried away.
  11. Falsies. Don’t be afraid to try out false eyelashes, your eyelashes are truly one of your best bets to open up your eyes!
  12. Use a powder! Shade your natural eye contour with a powder that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone. It will naturally make your eyes look wider.
  13. Line your waterline. Beiges, peaches, and whites will open your eyes up.
  14. Line your lower lids. Shimmery colors in peach, gun metal, bronzes, and plums will really look fantastic, think Mila Kunis, she always has makeup on her lower lid!
  15. Wear a bright lipstick. Sounds weird but it can direct the attention from your “small” eyes to your big, bold, and bright lips!
  16. Invest in a good eyelash curler. If you have flat eyelashes or they aren’t as curled and doll-like as you wish, make sure to get a quality eyelash curler! Cheap ones can break off your lashes and leave you more prone too getting a “crimped” look rather than a natural curl.

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My favorite subtle and work appropriate blushes. :)

I prefer to go pretty natural around the office and these are my 3 most reached for blushes when it comes to picking out my makeup for work. 

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New Nyx Matte Lipsticks!


Okay, so they’re not new new and you’ve probably already heard about them but they did just come out a few months ago. This is kind of a first impressions because I’ve only worn one once so I don’t have very much to say. The packaging is meh, the clear part is nice because you can accurately see the color but not nice because it looks cheap, for lack of a better word. It obviously looks better when the lipstick is closed though and you can only see a small part of the clear part, since the cap is black. These have a wonderful texture for a matte lipstick and even though they look really matte in other swatches and reviews I’ve seen, in my opinion when I wear them the finish looks more satin. I’ve only worn Angel though so maybe it could be just that one (not to be confused with MAC Angel). They are creamy and non-drying. Not only are they non-drying but they don’t emphasize the already dry patches on my lips. I would wear a lipliner underneath because they do tend to feather and smear a little bit, but not like crazy or anything. These also aren’t the longest wearing lipsticks in the world, but they don’t have a terrible wear time either (especially for drugstore prices), I think I got about four hours out of Angel. And again, wearing a lipliner will improve wear time. It’s really exciting and surprising that so many “drugstore” brands are coming out with great mattes that aren’t horrendously drying! 

Left to right: Sweet Pink, Angel, Natural

My camera warped these beautiful colors. Sweet Pink definitely has quite a bit more purple to it, and Angel is more red and it looks like a coral here. But you can still see how bright and pigmented they are!

Nyx Cosmetics does not test on animals.

How much: around $5-$7

Where to buy:,, Ulta,,,, anywhere Nyx is sold. 

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Product Review! Hard Candy Fox In A Box in Spicy & Sweet

The swatch below demonstrates the color of each individual square (the positions of the small swatches correspond with the colors in the pan) and the large swatch at the top is all four blended together. 

This blush is an excellent color for spring. In the pigment department this blush does not disappoint, but it does produce quite a bit of excess powder in the pan after you swirl your brush. It’s very blendable, smooth, and despite the fallout in the pan it doesn’t look too powdery unless you really pack it on. The packaging is ADORABLE, albeit a little flimsy when compared to the Benefit boxed powders.

A fun feature of this blush is that it has a quad of colors. Since this isn’t one solid color you have some control over the outcome of the color. If you want it to turn out more pink, or more coral, or dirty all you have to do is stick to two squares. Hooray for custom color!

The brush that comes with it is very flimsy and thin, so I would recommend using your own blush brush. The lid also is a little stiff and won’t stay shut right out of the packaging so it takes a lot of bending to break it in so it will stay closed. 

Price: $6

Size: 0.2 oz

Where to buy: Wal Mart


  • This has 4 squares of color (shimmery coral, shimmery dark berry, shimmery pink, and a matte mauve) that all blend together to make a coral-y orange. 


  • Pigmented
  • Blends well
  • Smooth application
  • Isn’t too powdery


  • Swirling your brush in the pan will create a lot of excess powder
  • The brush that comes with it is practically useless
  • The lid takes a while to break in so it can close

Overall Rating: 8/10

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Product Review! Essence I Heart Rock Gloss Eye Pencil

This pencil is something that I haven’t really seen… it’s a glossy black eyeliner. I thought that it was kind of a cool product idea so I picked it up.

The thin line in the swatch is just one pass and the thick one is several to emphasize the glossy finish. 

I like the idea of this eyeliner, the unusual finish, and I like that it is so pigmented, but I’m going to shoot straight with you: the formula needs a lot of improvement! 

This liner glides on pretty easily leaving a pretty decent trail of glossy black behind it, but I did notice that it was a bit of a pain to use on the lower lash line since the liner was geting caught up in my lower lashes (in fact this liner proved to be a real hassle on the lower lashes, but I’ll get into that later). The pigmentation is fantastic so hooray for that! 

As for the staying power on this… it’s pretty tricky. I didn’t notice any fading at all, however (due to the slick formula which causes the finish) this is definitely one of those migrating eyeliners so use on the lower lash line isn’t a great idea (although it is safe on the top). Another fault this liner has because of the formula is the fact that it doesn’t ever set so if you touch or rub the liner it will smudge like none other! That being said, it does make an excellent smudging liner, but I recommend staying away from the lower lash line on that one as well. 

Oh, one other thing that is just me being a nit picker more than anything: I don’t like pencil eyeliners because you lose a lot of product sharpening them.

Price: $1.49

Size: 0.03oz

Where to buy: ULTA, Fred Meyer, Shoppers Drug Mart


  • Deep glossy black


  • Great pigmentation
  • Fun, glossy finish
  • Smooth application (with the exception of the lower lash line)
  • Doesn’t fade


  • Never sets
  • Smudges if rubbed
  • Melts on the lower lash line
  • Application gets messy on the lower lash line

This is a really cool, pigmented, cheap liner with a unique and interesting finish… but only as long as you don’t touch it or apply it to your lower lash line which to me really drags down the rating. I really like this liner… well, I really like the concept, but the formula needs a lot of work. 

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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Similar to Mac! Nude lipstick edition.

Sorry for the extremely poor quality of photos and really messy lipstick tubes! Gross! I’ll explain that later on.

Let me introduce you, the two lipsticks that I will be comparing today are: Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude(left) and Mac’s Creme d’ Nude (right).

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude is a very creamy and soft lipstick, hence the breaking of the lipstick and the excess all over the tube. It makes for an ugly appearance but don’t let that differ you from the quality of the lipstick! As you can see in the swatch, it’s extremely creamy and has a very high opacity. Exactly some of the qualities that we look for in lipsticks, right? Along with a wonderful application, it has a very long wear. 
Now lets get down to the awesome part. Revlon colorburst lipsticks generally retail for 5-8 dollars in the USA while Mac on the other hand is $14.50. Purchasing Revlon’s Soft Nude will give you a near color to a very famous Mac nude lipstick for around half of the price! I think it’s an awesome deal.


  • Same creamy consistency.
  • Longevity of wear (around 4 hours on both.)
  • Both are gorgeous peachy nudes.
  • Glossy finish.


  • Revlon soft nude is a tad darker, it has a bit more beige in it than Mac’s Creme ‘d Nude.
  • Mac’s packaging is much better, along with the durability of their lipsticks. 
  • Mac’s lipsticks range from being around 2-3 times the cost!

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Review: theBalm Oh So Versatile Set


I purchased this set at T.J. Maxx for $9.99. It includes the Bahama Mama Bronzer, the Hot Mama Blush and the Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain.

First off I just want to say that the packaging is seriously bomb! I love the pin-up esque gals. The blush and bronzer packaging is magnetic and they have a good size mirror as well.

The Bahama Mama Bronzer has a pretty sheen to it but it has no shimmer. It just keeps it from looking so flat. It is pretty dark for me so I use it light handedly as a contour shade. This bronzer would like great on medium/olive skin tones but I am excited to have this in my collection nonetheless.

The Hot Mama Blush is a gorgeous peachy-pink blush with gold/champagne shimmer and sheen that Temptalia says is a 95% dupe for NARS Orgasm blush. Seriously this blush is soooooooo stunning, smooth and pigmented. This would look gorgeous on all skintones. This has become one of my all time favorite blushes.

Stainiac is a rosey red lip and cheek stain with a doe foot applicator. I have only used it on my lips and I really like it. I thought the shade would be too dark for my liking but surprisingly I love it! What’s even better is that is not really drying like other lipstains.

The shades are so much more pigmented my lighting sucks! Hopefully I can take a better swatch picture soon :)

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Maybelline SuperStay 10hour Lipstain

I love these! They are soo pigmented and bright. The packaging states it lasts 10 hours. Not so true, but then again none of those “long-lasting” formulas do. However, they last a good 6 hours. I even ate dinner and drank water without any fading. Heck, I took a nap and woke up and my lips looked just as great! It also says its a lipstain lipgloss. Now, I’ve read quite a reviews about how it doesn’t stay glossy blah blah. This is true - it only stays glossy for maybe the first 30 minutes or so. However, I really don’t care about the glossiness. I bought it for the lipstain part, and boy does it stain! I’m indifferent to whether it stays glossy or not, so I personally have no problems with that because I only wanted a stain anyways, and that’s exactly what I got!

The two I bought are Pink Plush and Berry Heavenly. Something else that some people may say is negative, is how the lid is supposed to show what color you’re getting, but the lip product is much darker than that. I think people assume the stains are going to be lighter because the lids are clear. But the product does stay true to the lid color.

All in all, this is a great product and I will definitely repurchase it! 9/10

*edit: these also smell really good and don’t taste horrible!

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Lip Love: CVS Haul

Hey lovelies! I picked up a few lip products from CVS, and I am quite pleased with what I purchased!

First, I got another Revlon Lip Butter…what can I say, I’m just so in love with this lip product. I got the shade Pink Truffle, and it reminds me a lot of Berry Smoothie on my lips, but it doesn’t have any shimmer like Berry Smoothie does. I really like the shade, nonetheless—it’s opaque, smooth, and hydrating.

I figured I’d give the L’Oreal Colour Riche Balms a try, since they’re compared to the Lip Butters which I adore. In reviews, I read these were less pigmented than the Revlon Lip Butters, which I can’t judge the whole line from the one I have, but the one I bought (Caring Coral) is pretty pigmented. They feel more greasy as compared to the Lip Butters, but I do like this lip product.

Then I thought I’d try some of these new Wet n Wild Megashield Lipsticks, and I bought a Birthday Suit (frosty nude) and Pink Champagne (frosty peachy pink). Not as moisturizing as the Revlon Lip Butters, but these feel really great on the lips regardless! The packaging is woeful, though—the product doesn’t go down any farther than shown in the picture, and the lipstick mashes up against the side of the tube when I use it, which sucks. But other than the packaging, these lipsticks are pretty great! (And CVS is currently having a 30% off ALL Wet n Wild sale!! Stock up, beauties!)

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