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Pur Minerals Dirty Girl

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Crying over the perfection.

Crying over the perfection.

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sexual-lettuce asked: Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend some really good makeup remover wipes? I have the Neutrogena ones and I have to SCRUB to regular mascara off.


I truly feel you on those Neutrogena wipes.  Back in the day those wipes used to be the best!  But I’m pretty positive that they changed the formula, because they’re not as moist anymore and don’t work the way that they used to.

My ultimate all-time favorite makeup wipes are from Ole Henricksen, which you can get at Sephora.  They’re a bit of a splurge compared to Neutrogena but oh em gee, they’re fantastic.  They smell divine, are very moist and get everything off in a pinch!


Ole Henricksen Truth To Go Wipes - $8 for 10, $15 for 30

At the drugstore level, I honestly tend to be pretty cheap and go with the generic store brand wipes.  I’ve found that the generic ones (like Walmart brand, CVS brand) tend to be very effective, and much less expensive than even something like Neutrogena or the Yes To wipes that I’ve been using a lot of lately.

Most of the time, though, I don’t use wipes at all.  Liquid makeup removers or oils work a lot better and faster for me!  Olive oil on a cotton pad will always be my go-to makeup remover… it’s natural and literally melts away even waterproof mascara.  Try it!

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Yes yes yes

Yes yes yes

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My dark lipstick obsession is in full swing!

My dark lipstick obsession is in full swing!

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mirthandgladness asked: Hello! I have extremely dark acne scars (like nearly plum-colored, no joke) but also have extremely pale would you recommend I cover my scars up? I've tried a darker concealer to help with the darkness of the scar, but that obviously doesn't work well with my skintone. I have to buy higher end foundation/mineral foundation to fit my skintone shade, so I'd love to hear your recommendation for a more affordable concealer alternative!

Hi there!

As someone who also has some severe acne marks, I completely understand your struggle.  Having extremely light skin also makes covering this dark discoloration a challenge.  But through personal experience I actually have a great recommendation for you!


Physicians Formula Conceal Rx Concealer - $6

This concealer is extremely heavy duty and will cover just about everything with just one layer, and can build up to cover everything else.  The lightest shade of this (called Natural Light) is extremely pale and should really flatter your skin tone much better than a dark concealer.  Physician’s Formula is also a good brand to use when your skin is more sensitive and acne prone, so it won’t smother your skin and cause you to break out anew!  You can get this at most drugstores, Walmart or Kmart stores, or online []

I would continue to use your mineral powder to set the concealer and to even out your entire face.  With this concealer, though, you’ll definitely need to use less!

Hope this helps!

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