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ididyodaddy asked: This isn't a question but oh my gosh I follow you on Instagram & you're so so perfect doll ^.* <333 ! Love your blog by the way (: !!! & I was going to ask how come you don't have a YouTube channel ? ): you should definetly make one cx !

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!  Haha that made my day :)  I do *technically* have a YT but I don’t post videos on there anymore because I don’t have the proper equipment.  However it’s something that I really want to be able to do one day!  Hopefully soon!  <3

Gahh, I love all of my followers!  Why are you all so nice to me? :D

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This weekend I was told a story which, although I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, because holy shit is it ever obvious, is kind of blowing my mind.

A friend of a friend won a free consultation with Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear, and she was very excited, because she has a plus-size body, and wanted some tips on how to make the most of her wardrobe in a fashion culture which deliberately puts her body at a disadvantage.

Her first question for him was this: how do celebrities make a plain white t-shirt and a pair of weekend jeans look chic?  She always assumed it was because so many celebrities have, by nature or by design, very slender frames, and because they can afford very expensive clothing.  But when she watched What Not To Wear, she noticed that women of all sizes ended up in cute clothes that really fit their bodies and looked great.  She had tried to apply some guidelines from the show into her own wardrobe, but with only mixed success.  So - what gives?

His answer was that everything you will ever see on a celebrity’s body, including their outfits when they’re out and about and they just get caught by a paparazzo, has been tailored, and the same goes for everything on What Not To Wear.  Jeans, blazers, dresses - everything right down to plain t-shirts and camisoles.  He pointed out that historically, up until the last few generations, the vast majority of people either made their own clothing or had their clothing made by tailors and seamstresses.  You had your clothing made to accommodate the measurements of your individual body, and then you moved the fuck on.  Nothing on the show or in People magazine is off the rack and unaltered.  He said that what they do is ignore the actual size numbers on the tags, find something that fits an individual’s widest place, and then have it completely altered to fit.  That’s how celebrities have jeans that magically fit them all over, and the rest of us chumps can’t ever find a pair that doesn’t gape here or ride up or slouch down or have about four yards of extra fabric here and there.

I knew that having dresses and blazers altered was probably something they were doing, but to me, having alterations done generally means having my jeans hemmed and then simply living with the fact that I will always be adjusting my clothing while I’m wearing it because I have curves from here to ya-ya, some things don’t fit right, and the world is just unfair that way.  I didn’t think that having everything tailored was something that people did. 

It’s so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t know this.  But no one ever told me.  I was told about bikini season and dieting and targeting your “problem areas” and avoiding horizontal stripes.  No one told me that Jennifer Aniston is out there wearing a bigger size of Ralph Lauren t-shirt and having it altered to fit her.

I sat there after I was told this story, and I really thought about how hard I have worked not to care about the number or the letter on the tag of my clothes, how hard I have tried to just love my body the way it is, and where I’ve succeeded and failed.  I thought about all the times I’ve stood in a fitting room and stared up at the lights and bit my lip so hard it bled, just to keep myself from crying about how nothing fits the way it’s supposed to.  No one told me that it wasn’t supposed to.  I guess I just didn’t know.  I was too busy thinking that I was the one that didn’t fit.

I thought about that, and about all the other girls and women out there whose proportions are “wrong,” who can’t find a good pair of work trousers, who can’t fill a sweater, who feel excluded and freakish and sad and frustrated because they have to go up a size, when really the size doesn’t mean anything and it never, ever did, and this is just another bullshit thing thrown in your path to make you feel shitty about yourself.

I thought about all of that, and then I thought that in elementary school, there should be a class for girls where they sit you down and tell you this stuff before you waste years of your life feeling like someone put you together wrong.

So, I have to take that and sit with it for a while.  But in the meantime, I thought perhaps I should post this, because maybe my friend, her friend, and I are the only clueless people who did not realise this, but maybe we’re not.  Maybe some of you have tried to embrace the arbitrary size you are, but still couldn’t find a cute pair of jeans, and didn’t know why.

this isn’t cosmetics-related, but it’s DAMN important.

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squeeface asked: Congrats on the engagement you lucky woman! Are we going to get a glimpse of your ring?

:’D  Thank youu!  I am very lucky to have such a great guy in my life <3  And maybe!  I’m thinking of starting another blog on the side to document my engagement/wedding planning… because I foresee it being very entertaining haha.  Does anyone think this is a good idea?? 

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toekneeuh asked: I love your blog and thanks for all your help. Congrats on your engagement! I hope everything goes well for you.

Thank you so much hon!  That really means a lot, and I appreciate it :)  I hope so too, haha! <3

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ksie asked: Hiiii!!! Do you have a twitter? I would love to follow you!

Hi!  Yes, I do!  And I’m actually posting stuff on there now, believe it or not… it only took me about a year to get into it haha.  I’m @OfficialDSP <3

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laurrreenn asked: Don't let the haters get to you love. Your blog is perfect.

Aw, thanks hon <3  Far from perfect, but I appreciate it nonetheless! xx

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whenyoulookedthebesttome asked: Do powders ever "expire"?

Hello!  Yes they do… all makeup has an “expiration date”, and it is based off of the day you first opened it.  All makeup has a symbol on it that will tell you how many months after opening that it will still be fine to use, at it looks like this:


(12m stands for 12 months)  If you can’t find this symbol on your makeup packaging, then it was probably on the original box it came in.

Powder generally lasts longer than cream products, and most will last “18 months” after opening.  If you use any product with your fingers or don’t sanitize it regularly, then it will probably go bad before that date.  

If your makeup ever turns a different color or starts to smell funny, it is probably no longer good to use on your face, because it has become dirty and/or the active ingredients are no longer working and/or bacteria has decided that your makeup is a really nice place to live.  


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aceprouvaire asked: Did you know that your blog has 1128 pages? I have just gone through all of them in the past week or so.

Wow, that’s really impressive.. or maybe it’s pathetic haha (on my end, I mean).  I do have over 16,000 posts!  But I can’t stop!! haha I’m really impressed and awed that you’d take the time to read everything!  I hope my first posts weren’t TOO embarrassing, although I’m sure they were haha.  <3  Thank you!

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itsdbruv asked: Do you actually recommend LimeCrime products? there is an entire tumblr dedicated to how she and her company are scamming people.

Yeah, I do.

The issue with Doe Deere and LimeCrime is not that the products suck, it’s that Doe Deere is a rather unpleasant, immoral type of person and has offended several important people in the beauty-blogosphere and does not run a good business. It is apparent that she can’t take criticism and is very keen on becoming rich and successful, and that really rubs people the wrong way.  People also freak out because LimeCrime official product photos are photoshopped, which I don’t think is that big of a deal… look at Maybelline mascara ads for gods sake.  Besides, you can just look up swatches on Google.

But in the end, the products themselves are pretty good.  There are lots of unique products, colors, and finishes, and although they’re a little pricey, they tend to be worth it.  If we took Doe Deere out of the picture, I highly doubt that people would have such an issue with the brand.  After all, the blog is called DoeDeereLies, not LimeCrimeBlows.  :)

I’ve said many times that as a beauty blogger, I have taken a position that is blind to the ethics of a brand, and I focus solely on the quality of the products.  For this reason I don’t choose to only review products that are cruelty-free, or vegan, or green companies, etc.  So I will recommend certain LimeCrime products based on their quality, not on the experiences other people have had with the brand’s creator.

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iamthegirlwonder asked: In regards to your makeup rant (the one with the MAC lipsticks) - You don't even ask us to pay you for your time and wonderful advice like some other beauty gurus do, so you should totally be able to do what you want, how you want, without catching any flak. Seriously, what kind of makeup you buy and wear is your business, regardless of your URL. So, thanks for having such a great blog and boo to the haters!

Thank you thank you thank you for your support!  I love blogging but when I sit here and think about how much time I put into it, it starts to feel a bit ridiculous… and that is only intensified whenever people have dumb things to say about what I do!  I’m driven by passion and I love helping people out, but dang the negativity gets to me sometimes.  So any kind words, like yours, mean more than you could EVER know and are what keeps me here doing what I do. I love every single one of you (well, the nice ones of you at least!) and knowing that you support me and appreciate the effort I put into this website means the world.  <3

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the-devils-interval-deactivated asked: This might be an incredibly stupid question, but I can't seem to figure it out. What does "HG" stand for in your reviews?

Haha it’s not a stupid question!  In beauty blogger speak, HG means “Holy Grail”, meaning that it’s our favorite of favorites, the one we’ve looked for all our lives and finally found ;)

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constateoflux asked: I just wanted to say your archives are awesome. I can't even count how many times I've referenced them while standing at the makeup counter/drug store. I've never been let down by any of your recommendations! Just thought you should know. xoxo

Aw, thank you so very much!! <3 that really means a lot, I’m very honored!  Thank you for being so sweet :)

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Disclaimer for the Noobs:

Hello to my people!  Many of you have probably already seen me make this type of a disclaimer, but there are a lot of you who haven’t… so, if you’re not interested, or you’re not new to the blog, carry on.

1.  I CAN NOT ANSWER EVERY QUESTION I GET.  Please stop yelling at me for not answering your questions :(  No, I am not ignoring you.  No, it’s not that I don’t know how to answer your question.  No, you didn’t offend me in any way.  The problem is that I just get too many questions every day to get to all of them.  It’s nothing personal, it’s just the fact that I don’t have the hours to devote to answering every question!  I do have a life away from the computer screen, you know - I wish it were possible to help every single one of you personally, but I can’t.

2.  MOST OF THE PICTURES YOU SEE ON DSP ARE REBLOGGED.  So no, I probably don’t know the exact brand/color that is on that person’s eyes.  No, I probably don’t know what shade that lipstick is in that picture.  If you are curious, your best bet is to ask the source of the photo.

3.  IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, CHECK THE ARCHIVES FIRST.  I have tons of different ways for you to search for the answers to your questions - my FAQ page, Dupes and Reviews tags, and also a page where you can look through every one of my posts by category!  To save yourself some trouble, I suggest looking through these pages for an answer first, because as I mentioned before… I can’t get to most of your questions.

4.  I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!! Every time I log on to this site, I am overwhelmed by the support and love you guys show me.  It still amazes me that two years ago, I started out with just a random hobby and passion, yet today here I am!  All xxx,xxx of you are fantastic, and I really appreciate your patience and affections.  Thank you!

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kittensgotclaws asked: That paint brow picture was the cutest haha ! :') xo

Hahaha what can I say, I go hard in the Paint ;)  <3

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eldiabloisback asked: I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for this awesome blog! You've been a big inspiration and teacher on my makeup mastering journey! Thanks! Much love to you! :)

Aw, thank you so much!!  That really makes me happy <3  much love to you as well!! :)