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9 Best Shampoos of 2020 – Top Shampoo Brands for Every Hair Type

Now, when choosing hair care products, you can trust not only advertising, intuition and the advice of friends: we offer you the rating of the 9 best hair shampoos 2020, which included the top most popular brands on the market.

Care cosmetics are selected according to the popularity and recommendations of professionals. What shampoo is the best according to user reviews? We found it out.

How to choose the right shampoo?

The criteria by which we evaluate the shampoos of each brand:

  • Cleansing. 100% cleansing of the hair and scalp should be achieved in no more than 2 applications of the product in one washing process;
  • Performing additional functions. There can be many such functions: giving volume, fighting dandruff, strengthening hair, treating split ends, etc. We make sure that the shampoo copes with the stated task;
  • Composition. Most users prefer natural composition. And, of course, the shampoo should not cause any irritation or allergic reaction;
  • Smell. The aroma of the shampoo can remain on the hair for several days after use, it is very important that it is pleasant or neutral.
  • Cost. Of course, it is always nice to save money, but we are looking for the best price-quality ratio.

In this list, we did not include the ability of the shampoo to foam well because this item can be equally attributed to both advantages and disadvantages: the better it foam, the easier it is to use – on the one hand; foaming is possible only if there are harmful substances in the composition – on the other hand.

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The long-term effect of shampoo depends on many factors: hair type, use of additional care products, external conditions… Therefore, we do not undertake to evaluate this point, considering that the truth is too relative in this case.

All information contained in the article is carefully collected from several sources, the conclusions are based on the experience of using the product by professionals and ordinary users, as well as on the open data on the net.

Top 9 hair shampoos to buy in 2020

9. TRESemmé Beauty-full Volume

The brand’s shampoo is recommended to be purchased by 100% of buyers. The ratings were distributed as follows: 4.9 for economical consumption, 5 for texture, 5 for perfume, 4.9 for price and quality ratio.

The paraben-free shampoo has a unique micellar formula Beauty-full Volume with collagen: this composition gently cleanses the hair and gives excellent volume.

The brand claims that hair volume increases up to 2 times after washing. Customers love the product’s pleasant scent and texture and post-styling behavior.

The product did not rise to the top three of the top 9, as the composition is mostly unnatural.

8. La’dor Keratin LPP

Korean cosmetics are increasingly winning the hearts of women – La’dor takes 1st place in the ranking of the best professional shampoos 2020. It is recommended by 82% of buyers, highly evaluating the effect produced (4.8) and the composition of this product (4.8).

This natural organic shampoo is free of parabens, harmful sulfates, silicones, mineral oils and artificial colors. The composition contains amino acids that are extremely useful for hair, silk proteins, hyaluronic acid, keratin. It is an excellent helper for sensitive scalp and damaged by dyes and chemicals, porous hair. The action of the shampoo is delicate and mild, while it performs many functions: deeply cleanses, replenishes with protein and amino acids, nourishes the hair cuticle. The shampoo is slightly acidic.

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7. Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich

This shampoo is a real salvation for women whose hair has become like lifeless straw. The composition of the shampoo is enriched with trace elements that nourish dry hair at a deep level. It gently cleanses hair and scalp while providing effective hydration. The shampoo does not cause irritation, itching, thanks to special oils that have a soothing effect. If you have dyed hair, the shampoo will help preserve the color pigment without washing it out.

6. CHI Keratin

The shampoo creates a kind of light veil on fine hair, protecting it from negative external influences. Liquid silk nourishes fine hair, making it softer and more elastic. You can see the result after the first application. Hair becomes shiny and silky. The product also contains keratin which fills fine hair from the inside, making it healthier and stronger. A handy bottle with a dispenser will allow you to use the shampoo economically and comfortably. It has a light scent that lingers in the hair for a long time.

5. MarulaOil Rare Oil Volumizing Shampoo

This shampoo belongs to professional cosmetics and is ideal for fine hair. Its composition does not contain harmful components, providing gentle cleansing of the hair and scalp. The sulfate-free composition is enriched with the valuable and medicinal marula oil. Thanks to the oil, the scalp and hair are nourished with vitamins and trace elements, which makes the hair stronger, softer and more elastic. The shampoo makes combing easier, enhances hair shine and strengthens hair follicles and hair shafts. The consistency of the shampoo is quite liquid, which may seem uncomfortable.

4. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair

This shampoo of an Israeli manufacturer with an effective formula gently and carefully cleanses hair of all types, saturating it with useful antioxidants: argan oil, avocado and olive oil, fatty acids, keratin, etc. The restorative shampoo is suitable for hair damaged by chemical influences and hair coloring.

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It has nourishing and moisturizing properties, UV protection, and a nice smell. It is suitable for daily use.

3. Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed

The shampoo professionally and reliably protects hair from ultraviolet rays and the harmful effects of radicals, cleansing the hair and having a beneficial effect on the scalp, maintaining optimal PH-balance and effectively fighting hair dullness, and also provides rich color and lasting shine to colored hair.

The shampoo prevents split ends, breakage and repairs porous hair. It contains sunflower oil and vitamin E, which protect curls from the negative effects of external factors, as well as natural silicones that give shine and significantly improve the integrity of the hair structure.

2. Esthetic House CP-1 Nourishing Shampoo

This is an ideal Korean-made daily care product, which is sulfate-free. It is well suited for the care of any type of scalp, both at home and in professional salons. The product has established itself as a way to restore hair after a perm, prolonged dyeing, damage to the structure. Thanks to the main active ingredient in the protein, it perfectly restores the shine and beauty of the hair, provides easy combing, elasticity and volume, strengthens its structure. It also contains jojoba oil, coconut oil, betaine, camellia oil. The effect is manifested literally through one application.

It is enough to wash your hair with a small amount once and the result will be visible. Hair will acquire smoothness and elasticity and have a healthy appearance. For additional care, the manufacturer recommends using this shampoo in conjunction with conditioner, balm and mask from the same series.

1. Avalon Organics Shampoo Scalp Normalizing Therapy Tea Tree Mint

This product is an effective remedy for problems such as itching, dandruff, flaking, dryness. Due to the natural components included in the composition, the fat content of the skin is regulated, and the production of the sebaceous glands decreases. It is perfect for all scalp types. The shampoo does not contain parabens, sulfates, synthetic additives, artificial fragrances. The most organic combination of vegetable oils and extracts has anti-inflammatory, therapeutic, antibacterial and strengthening effects. The light scent of tea tree and the cooling effect of mint is great for women. With Avalon Organics, curls will quickly acquire a healthy look and beauty.