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Nyx Honey Dew Me Up Primer: Review and Application

Hi girls! 🙂 I have to admit that NYX cosmetics is one of my favorites 🙂 And today I want to speak about you with a makeup primer NYX Honey Dew Me Up. The manufacturers say this product is innovative and was inspired by the golden radiance of honey!

I’ll start with the design of a primer, I just can’t neglect it. A jar made of glass, with a volume of 22 ml, with a gold mirror, with a plastic applicator. The product has a tasty sweet honey smell. It is a liquid containing gold grains and collagen.

Texture: transparent gel with a splash of golden glitter, a bit sticky. When distributed on the face, the gel is very quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky layer.

What functions does NYX Honey Dew perform?

  • Aligns and prepares the face skin for applying makeup;
  • Honey is a natural antiseptic;
  • Gold particles give the skin radiance;
  • Collagen strengthens the skin.

By the way, the primer has also a witch property – after its use, my small pimples became even smaller!

The application is very simple:

  1. Apply on a clean, moist face;
  2. Wait 2-5 minutes and apply a foundation, powder or any other cream base or blush.

NYX Honey Dew Me Up is designed as a foundation, but it’s different from many other primers – it can be used as an independent agent. Now I do not use tonal-maximum powder and use this primer instead. It cares for my skin, highlights it, which is very important in a cold weather, when the skin needs additional care. Of course, the presence of alcohol in the composition is not very pleasing, but I did not notice its negative effect.

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I want to note that when, for example, you use this primer as a base for a foundation with a matte finish, it may have a satin glow. This primer is NOT for oily skin – women with this skin type can use other NYX products. My skin is normal but prone to dryness in the cold season – and this primer is just perfect for me.

I apply the primer directly to my face: I apply it to several points to different areas of the face and rub it evenly, like a normal make-up base. I love this smell! A then I apply a foundation with a brush.

I had a make-up base by Mary Kay and Letual, and they can’t be compared with NYX! The foundation is perfect. It is absorbed in a couple of minutes and there is no feeling of tightness or stickiness.

So, let’s enumerate NYX Honey Dew pros:

  • Divine smell;
  • Beautiful packaging;
  • Easy to apply;
  • No unpleasant sensations after application;
  • Quickly absorbed into the skin;
  • Composition (honey, gold particles, collagen).

NYX Honey Dew Me Up price is about $13. The price, of course, is rather high, but you will use the primer for six months or even a year, so I do not regret spending money!

In conclusion, I can say that I ADVISE buying this product!. It’s perfect for dry and combination skin! I recommend the primer for those who have a feeling of tightness during the day and who needs additional care for make-up. I hope my NYX Honey Dew Me Up review was useful for you! Thank you all for your attention 🙂

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