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2017 Top 10 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils

Hello, my darlings! How are you? Today we are going to make a review of the best, the most affordable and sometimes expensive eyebrow pencils to create a fascinating makeup either everyday or morning. It is up to you to decide what means is the most suitable for you but this review will consist of top 10 eyebrow pencils subdivided into three main subgroups:

  • “high-class drugstore eyebrow pencil”;
  • “price = quality liners”;
  • “best inexpensive eyebrow pencil”.

You may start grappling with this topic right and even compose your own top of good drugstore brow pencils but here is my choice, my point of view upon this question.

2017 TOP 10 Eyebrow Pencil

High-Class Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil

Dior Powder Eyebrow PencilDior Powder Eyebrow Pencil

The best drugstore brand eyebrow liner is Dior Powder. Soft two-sided pencil on a powdery-talc basis. Country manufacturer – France.

Soft powdery texture makes application light and as natural as possible. The palette color includes six shades from blond to black, with colors for blondes and burning brunettes. The liner has a two-sided base: from one side is lead, and on the other – a brush. The kit includes a sharpener.


  • Pencil can not be called particularly persistent, which is fully explained by its powdery basis.
  • It may be difficult to choose the right shade, especially for blondes.

Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Des SourcilsYves Saint Laurent Dessin Des Sourcils

The liner from Yves Saint Laurent, 2017 brand leader, is enriched with coconut oil, which helps it to easily glide across eyebrows, perfectly painting every hair. It is presented in four shades, each of which is supplemented with the smallest shimmering effect. When applied, they are almost invisible, but give eyebrows a healthy gloss and volume.

The texture of Dessin Des Sourcils is pleasant, waxy, with a light shimmer. It is well applied, with a soft overlay gives a lighter color, and with a strong pressure – a darker and more resistant. On the back of this means there is a brush that helps to comb eyebrows, remove possible lumps, slightly shade tone and make it as natural as possible. If necessary, it is quickly sharpened. Both sides are closed with protective caps.

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The main advantages:

  • incredible resistance to dense application;
  • presence of brush to decorate eyebrows;
  • a good choice of natural shades.


  • high price;
  • can slightly clump when putting on;
  • not too economical consumption (4-5 months with daily use).

Guerlain Le Crayon Sourcils 01 Brun IdealGuerlain Le Crayon Sourcils 01 Brun Ideal

According to manufacturer, Le Crayon Sourcils 01 Brun Ideal good drugstore brow pencil is designed to match the hair color and skin tone, so it is released in a single universal shade – “perfect brown”. In its composition there is a wax that allows not only to paint, but also to model eyebrows, neatly fixing them. The quality of this product was praised by many beauty bloggers.

Its texture is hard enough, you need to adapt to it. But it gives an opportunity to achieve the most natural eyebrows makeup. Pencil is put on well with long-lasting effect, with its help you can quickly give eyebrows aesthetic appearance. Another side is equipped with a fluffy brush for blending and combing hairs, both sides are protected with caps. The only nuance – liner should often be sharpened.

The main advantages:

  • convenient branded sharpener in brow kit;
  • economical consumption;
  • brush presence.


  • requires frequent sharpening;
  • is presented in one shade;
  • has a decent value.

Price = Quality Liners

L'Oreal Paris Brow Artist MakerL’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Maker

The summer novelty from collection Miss Hippie, cream liner Artist Maker brand L’Oreal is designed to create thick eyebrows in fashionable hippy style. It is presented in two shades: brown and blue. The editor of women’s magazine personally tested this product and supplied it with a top 5 for application convenience, natural look and eyebrows beauty.

The texture of this cosmetic product is very soft, velvety. It willingly gives a color, so use Artist Maker carefully – usually light enough to touch without pressure. The pencil perfectly fills gaps between hairs, giving them width and volume. And its highlight was a tightly stuffed nice mini-brush of kabuki on reverse end, which shades color and makes eyebrows fluffy. Both sides are protected with caps.

The main advantages:

  • acceptable price;
  • stunning resilience;
  • qualitative brush for visual increase of eyebrows.
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  • fairly quickly consumed;
  • thick pencil is not suitable for lovers of thin eyebrows.

ArtDeco Eye Brow PencilArtDeco Eye Brow Pencil

The product created by German company ArtDeco contains a palm extract, which allows to gently slide over hairs and carefully paint skin between them. It is presented in six shades. Three of them are matte, and three – with a small mother of pearl effect for a more brilliant evening makeup.

Its texture is creamy, moderately dense, slightly oily and well pigmented. It makes possible to layer color and easily shade it to a natural tone. The pencil perfectly paints gaps between hair, does not crumble, does not smear, and its effect lasts for a long time. It is sharpened very simply and quickly, it is closed with a protective cap.

The main advantages:

  • pleasant price;
  • economical consumption;
  • firmness;
  • large selection of shades.


there are no brushes for combing eyebrows.

Maybelline Brow DramaMaybelline Brow Drama

The manufacturer called this pencil a stick for brows. It allows you to simultaneously paint and arrange eyebrows, to give them a sculpture and a sleek appearance. It is released in three shades.

This pencil has the form of lipstick – the lead is twisted from tube, closed with a transparent cap. The texture is melting, soft, with a satin finish. The eyebrows are evenly painted, hair is beautifully fixed, color can be enhanced. Pigmentation is saturated, keeps remarkably, does not smear, leaves no lumps, but is consumed quickly enough.

The main advantages:

  • convenient and original format;
  • sustainability;
  • affordable cost.


  • small volume;
  • absence of brush for eyebrows blending;
  • grifel has often to sharpen.

Best Inexpensive Eyebrow Pencils

Max Factor Eyebrow PencilMax Factor Eyebrow Pencil

Very economical to use this product. Two color shades – black-gray and walnut, equipped with a brush-applicator. Manufacturer – USA. Despite lead softness, pencil gives a fairly stable effect. The color is matte and tender irrespective of its shade, which allows achieving the most essential effect. Brush-applicator will help give the eyebrows the ideal shap.


The color palette includes only two shades – for brunettes and blondes.

Vivienne Sabo Coup De GenieVivienne Sabo Coup De Genie

One of the most best drugstore eyeshadow pencils with a brush in a set. Presented in 4 shades, enriched with vitamins, palm oil and shea butter. Manufacturer – France. Soft texture allows you not only to quickly and easily draw eyebrows contour, but also to lay hairs in desired direction. The intensity of application can be changed both by degree of pressing, and by a special brush on cap.

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  • due to its softness it is quickly worn out.
  • cap loosens with time.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow PencilRimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

Very persistent eyebrow pencil from professional line. Color palette of 3 shades, there is a brush. Manufacturer – Great Britain.
A medium strength griffin gives a long-lasting result and a rich shade that does not smear during the day. Well fills the spaces between hairs with wide color palette. The cap is provided with a brush-applicator.


  • sometimes, when sharpening, lead may crumble slightly, leaving barely noticeable particles on eyebrows.
  • persistence decreases noticeably on fat skin.

Pencil for Eyebrow Belita-VitexPencil for Eyebrow Belita-Vitex

Cosmetic product from the company Belita-Vitex is released within the Luxury line. The manufacturer gave him the name “pencil-tattoo”. The product is presented in two shades. Thanks to special formula, the pencil will help to successfully correct eyebrows shape, even if hairs grow unevenly.

Its texture is quite firm and dry, but pigmentation is good, color is given remarkably. However, with a strong pressing on hairs can remain lumps, which, however, easily removed. Brightness is easily adjusted – you can layer color to a deeper tone or, conversely, blend into haze. Its effect stays firm even on oily skin.

The main advantages:

  • very nexpensive cost;
  • good durability;
  • enough for a long time;
  • there is a removable brush for eyebrows.


  • it is presented in only two shades, and both are dark;
  • when layering, it can slightly crumble.

I select these products to provide you with choice. You may buy best cheap eyebrow pencils or vice versa best drugstore brand eyebrow pencils. You may surf the Internet to find the most affordable shops for realizing this aim. You are welcome to create an incredible look of your eyebrows! If you do not find pencil you have a desire to get to know more, write me and I will make a review just exactly for you. Your are my best readers, you are my beauties! Good luck, your Alisa!