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7 Anastasia Brow Dupes That Will Make Your Brows Perfect

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow is one of the most famous and popular eyebrow pencils in the world. With its help, you can easily create an accurate makeup, looking as natural and harmonious as possible, because it has a wide color palette shades for women with any color of hair and skin.

The liner case is equipped with a brush for combing and styling, which is also of high quality and efficiency. This cosmetic product is very convenient for drawing individual hairs and filling eyebrows with color. The product has a non-oily texture, so it does not fade throughout the day, which means your makeup will be perfect under all circumstances.

Anastasia brow pencil is available in 9 natural shades:

  1. Ash Blonde (Taupe) – ash blond;
  2. Caramel – warm caramel, light brown shade;
  3. Medium Ash (Medium Brown) – a natural dark tone for brownies;
  4. Soft Brown – neutral dark for women with light brown hair;
  5. Brunette (Dark Brown) – a dark shade of cinnamon for brunettes;
  6. Ebony – a rich black tint;
  7. Granite – very dark, cold, granite tone with an ashy undertone;
  8. Auburn – a dark tone of cinnamon with red undertone for dark red haired women;
  9. Chocolate – warm chocolate.

No doubt, Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills is perfect for creating natural and perfect eyebrow makeup with ONE disadvantage – it is VERY expensive. Its price is about $22.00 and not every fashionista can afford this cosmetic product. But do not despair! I know 7 excellent Anastasia dupes that have a similar shade and quality but are MUCH CHEAPER!

Top 5 Cheap Anastasia Brow Dupes

1. L’Oreal Stylist Definer ($11.00)


L’Oreal Stylist Definer was my very spontaneous purchase. I wanted to try something new. The base of the pencil is wooden, very well sharpened. The brush is amazing: small, a bit rigid. It’s perfect for carding the edges and shading the product. The texture is not oily. I would even say it is rather dry. I always manage to draw precise lines or a very soft shade. Durability is excellent. It keeps all day long, in the cold and hot weather. I have no complaints.

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I have a 303 Dark Brunette shade. Although I’m not dark at all, and not even a brunette, the color fits me well. I do not like light eyebrows, even in fair-haired girls. I do not try to draw a very clear eyebrow, most of the time I just focus on the tip, and apply gel on the hairs. And I get my perfect eyebrows.

Overall impression: It’s definitely “my product”. I’m sure that I’ll buy it again. It is convenient to carry the liner in a purse, because it is equipped with a practical protective cap. With L’Oreal Stylist Definer you can quite become an artist of your own image! If you are looking for a suitable Anastasia dupe or want something new – I can safely advise buying this product for testing!

2. NYX Micro Pencil  ($9.00)


I recommend paying attention to this product from my favorite NYX company. Is a wonderful cosmetic. It will help you make perfect brows and complete the image. The liner is very easy to use, just draw a line, and then shade it with a brush. This ultra-thin product colors even the finest hairs, eyebrows become natural, expressive and well-groomed. And thanks to the brush, the color is evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the eyebrows, creating an impeccable contour. The special composition guarantees good durability of NYX Micro Brow Pencil. Using this tool, you can quickly create symmetrical and beautiful eyebrows!

This product seemed to me more simple to use than Anastasia eyebrow pencil. It has an excellent accuracy of application, allowing you to color even the most dense and naughty eyebrows. NYX Micro Pencil is presented in 8 shades, so any girl, from blonde to brunette, will find her perfect shade

I LOVE this liner. I found no particular difference between NYX and Anastasia brow products, so you can safely use this cheaper dupe.

3. Maybelline Precise Micro Pencil ($8.00)


I think you should try this product! With Maybelline Precise Micro Pencil, you can easily give your eyebrows a beautiful, well-groomed look. The tool is ideal for drawing missing hairs and filling the eyebrows with color, giving you the opportunity to lengthen and widen your eyebrows..

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The cosmetic product has excellent durability, does not lose the intensity of the shade throughout the day. A convenient brush is designed for combing and stitching eyebrows, which makes this Maybelline product a truly indispensable thing that will help you look perfect!

Of course I DO recommend Maybelline Precise Micro if you want to quickly color your eyebrows and achieve the desired result – whether it’s graphic or natural. But bear in mind that the pencil shade is dark!

4. E.l.f. Essential Instant Liner – Neutral Brown ($5.00)


Another perfect Anastasia brow dupe is E.l.f. Instant Lift Liner. It has an improved formula does not allow spreading and retains rich color for the whole day. The composition of the product includes natural wax, which gives shine and helps to draw clear lines. The product is medium hard, easy to use. It perfectly fills the spaces between the hairs, giving your eyebrows a density.

The pencil has a brush that helps to shade the lines and give the hairs the desired shape. The pencil will last for a long time. For maximum effect, you can combine lines drawn in pencil with shadows of the same color. I think E.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil is an excellent choice!

5. Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil ($12.00)


Sephora Retractable will take care of your impeccable makeup and emphasize the luxurious image. The cosmetic product from the French brand Sephora has a stable formula, characterized by increased resistance to moisture.

A soft core easily touches the skin without irritating it. The retractable pencil carefully outlines the natural shape of the eyebrows and sketches the desired areas, imitating hairs. The reverse side of the rod is equipped with a mini-brush, which ensures uniform color application. With Sephora Retractable, your eyebrows will look perfect throughout the day, without correction. The product has several shades that are ALMOST IDENTICAL to Anastasia brow colors. So I think you can save your money.

Best Anastasia Brow Dupes in the Same Price Category

If you for some reason can’t buy Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow pen and want to stay in the same price category, you can choose between the following beauty products that have a similar price, shade and quality:

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1. Benefit Goof Proof Pencil ($24.00)


Goof Proof Pencil is an ultra-practical Benefit product which will give your eyebrows a perfect shape and volume. The tool will allow you to create volumetric and natural eyebrows in a few minutes thanks to an ideal consistency, soft shade and comfortable retractable stem.

What I like:

  • Water resistance 12 hours;
  • Retractable rod;
  • Brush for shading;
  • Pointed tip of a pencil;
  • Always sharp tip for drawing a shape;
  • 6 natural shades.

The pencil-filler accurately imitates the hairs. It’s suitable for those who like to draw a clear form and individual hairs. A pencil has the same texture as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow but it is thicker and has more pointed tip. It’s so easy to fill the eyebrow! Those who lack hair in the eyebrows will surely appreciate that! The pigmentation is not very strong, and the liner is firmer than I expected. But, on the other hand, your brows will NEVER be TOO DARK. I also really, really like the futuristic design of the package. I advise you to pay attention that the first shade is not very light, I think it will not suit blondes.

2. Dior Brow Styler ($29.00)


Dior liner gives an opportunity to give the perfect makeup finish, creating an amazing brow shape. Depending on the desired effect, it can be used as an independent agent or in combination with a gel for a more intensive result (just like Anastasia brow pencil and gel). Dior Brow Styler is an automatic two-sided liner, which is incredibly simple and convenient. On one side there is a pencil – it allows to create clear lines for accurate shape of eyebrows, does not require sharpening. And on the other hand there is a beautiful little brush designed for comfortable combing, which makes the look more open!

I have blonde hair and light skin. And it was very difficult to find a suitable pencil without yellow or red undertones! After a very long and thorough search for the perfect tool, I found the Dior liner in the shade 001 Universal brown (by the way, there are only two shades). Fortunately, I it was a good choice, because the shade is not too dark, and there is not even a trace of yellow or red pigments! What I also like is that when necessary you can make clear lines, or you can shade. The liner is very stylish, thin, metallic, with chrome luster and matte silvery Dior pattern. I think it’s a must-have in your makeup kit!

I hope you like my review on Anastasia brow dupes! I tried all of these dupes personally so I can assure you: they will make your brow makeup PERFECT!