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Matte Nail Polish: Application & Best Brands 2017

Hello girls 🙂 Today, I will speak about the main trend of this season – matte nail polish! I really like this exclusive cover. The product was created in 1992, but gained popularity several years ago.

The product has a huge number of advantages. In cosmetic salons you can buy a special transparent preparation that can matt glossy varnish. There are many ideas for combining such varnishes with other products, the fashionista will choose the right one for herself!

Shops and salons offer a huge assortment of luxury and budgetary manicure products with matte effect (black, transparent, beige and other shades of the product). The manicure can be silky, velvety, with a “vinyl” pattern or contain miniature sparkles. Such products are produced by many companies in separate lines. I tried Dance Legend, Orly, Opi, Inm, Sally Hansen and many others.

How to apply nail polish correctly?

The main feature of a matte manicure is the possibility of self-application. For this, the fair sex does not need to have any professional skills or experience. It is important only to evenly paint each nail plate.

  1. Before painting the nail plate, polish its surface. I do with a soft file or a special fine-grained bar. Then cover the nails with a special leveling base (I recommend painting in two layers). The base improves the adhesion of the varnish with the nail;
  2. Shake the varnish well to make the texture homogeneous. The agent should be applied layer by layer. If it has an excessively liquid texture, then paint it in three layers. The coating has a glossy effect immediately after painting, but when it dries, it acquires a matte texture;
  3. Dry up the manicure. I do not recommend using sprays with oil content. The hull drying is achieved in an hour;
  4. The polish is removed in the usual way – use the liquid to remove the product. After that apply a firming transparent gel.
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Bear in mind that such varnish looks perfect on short nails, whereas on long ones it does not look very attractive. And it is not necessary to buy a huge number of matte varnishes, if you have a lot of glossy varnishes. Larde cosmetic brands produce special preparations that can be applied on a glossy varnish, which will make it matte.

Choosing Matte Nail Polish Colors

which color is perfect for me

How to choose the best color? For this you need to take into account the natural shade of the skin.

  • Fashionistas with a peach or golden brown tone should pay attention to the gray, purple, red, blue shades;
  • Women with light skin should prefer light and dark shades;
  • Burgundy colors look perfect with pale skin;
  • Pink shades is suitable only for girls, since this color can emphasize skin imperfections.

Any polish begins to thicken with time, and then women use a special remedy to recover it. However, this method is strictly forbidden with matte nail polish!!! You will disrupt the structure of the product and make it unsuitable for use.

Top 7 Matte Nail Polish Brands

Best Matte Nail Polish Brands 2017

Today, the market offers a great variety of nail polishes of different cosmetic brands. All of them differ in price, quality and characteristics. I’ve made up the rating of the best matte nail polish top coats I’ve personally tried:

  1. Essie, Cashmere collection: Essie line has a separate collection of such top coats – Cashmere. It has six shades: black, gray, lavender, light beige, dark beige and gently pink. Matte black nail polish is my favorite! The nails are covered with a dense thick layer, creating a feeling of gel-varnish. Also Essie’s arsenal has a top About You, which dulls any glossy varnishes – even those with a shimmer in the makeup. Just apply a thin layer on top of the dried coating;
  2. YSL, La Laque Couture line: La Laque Couture line by YSL has four shades, inspired by high fashion: cherry, orange, fuchsia and nude. Apply the product in two layers and let it dry: the finish is ready! Another advantage of this product is the fashionable bottle with the YSL emblem;
  3. Maybelline, Colorama line: Colorama line has a wide color palette and rich colors – Vintage Leather. I adore these five shades – red, orange, mint, blue, khaki and a brown shade with a golden shimmer (it looks very unusual!). I use the base coat to distribute the polish as even as possible;
  4. Divage Just Matt: This matte nail polish has a fairly soft texture, which allows you to achieve an effective manicure with a perfect finish. With this product, you can easily align the nail plate and get a saturated color scheme, applying just one layer. The collection of this product is constantly updated with actual colors. You can make a variety in your image and look stylish and attractive every day. To enhance the effect and achieve rapid drying, you can use a special coating;
  5. El Corazon: This super product is very popular in the world of fashion! The company is constantly expanding the range, adding interesting shades to the collection. The collection includes interesting colors with a velvety texture, which perfectly fit both long and short nails. In addition, they can be safely decorated with various rhinestones and stickers;
  6. Avon: With this matte nail polish, you can easily create a stylish and sophisticated manicure. Just apply a single layer. In this case, I does not recommend using the base. You will get an even and dense coating which will quickly dry up. The product is presented in different colors, which allows you to create many stylish compositions. To prolong the life of a manicure, you can use a special top with a matte effect. Avon offers high quality but cheap matte nail polishes, thus attracting women’s attention;
  7. Kodi Professional: These are super stable compounds, made on a rubber basis. It’s a unique solution in the cosmetic products market. Due to the presence of rubber in the composition, the coating has a high elasticity and excellent density. As a result, you can avoid chipping and peeling. Kodi will help you get a bright nail art for 2-3 weeks. The arsenal of this brand has many interesting shades. This means that every fashionista can choose the most suitable option. In addition, Kodi matte nail polishes are characterized by ease of use and high quality!
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That’s all I wanted to share for today. As you see there is a GREAT variety of matte top coats in the market. Never stop experimenting with your image! Hope my manicure tips will help you! Read more interesting articles about beauty products on Drugstore Princess! Thanks for your attention 🙂

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