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Sigma f80 Dupes: Kabuki Equivalents 2020

Sigma – a famous American brand, which produces professional brushes for make-up of high quality, for example Kabuki foundation brush. To date, Sigma, in addition to professional brushes and accessories, represents a line of cosmetic products, namely:

  • cream shades
  • palette sets (shadows, rouge, eyeliner, etc.)
  • rouge
  • highlighter
  • much more

Sigma brushes are one of the most popular worldwide but expensive. Not all women can afford buying f80 flat Kabuki brush for $25.00 that’s why many other cosmetic companies decide to release Sigma f80 brush dupes basing on the following brushes:

  • 3D kabuki brush (angled, flat and round)
  • Precision – Copper – White
  • Precision Brush
  • Max Kabuki
  • 3D Blender
  • 4D Kabuki
  • Bent Liner Brush
  • Lash Fan Brush
  • Eye Liner Brush
  • many others

The following sigma f80 brush dupe are in the greatest request:

A lot of women have a desire to find a dupe of an exact brush released by Sigma, exactly f80 Kabuki brush. I try to select the most affordable dupes offered. This video helps you choose inexpensive brushes if you have no opportunity to buy f80 makeup brush:

As it is described in this video, the most affordable dupes of f80 Sigma top brush are:

There is no woman who prefers to buy expensive brush, if she has found a dupe meeting all the brand characteristics. Moreover, the most attractive thing is money savings. You may choose a set of brushes and test them all.

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