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Eyelash Curlers: Beauty with Harm?

Looking at eyelash curlers, inexperienced person can decide that this is a miniature instrument of torture of Inquisition. Indeed, this device looks scary. However, many modern women can not imagine makeup without using this tool. In particular, this applies to those whom nature has not endowed with thick, lush and long eyelashes.

Does Beauty Need Sacrifices?

To create a «dramatic» look, you can use a special volume mascara. But what if even it does not give the desired effect? In this case, you can curl your eyelashes with special curlers, and only then apply decorative coloring cosmetics on eyelashes.

If you combine use of quality mascara with mechanical curling, you can achieve effect of amazingly magnetic, mysterious and expressive look. But some girls frankly are afraid to use curlers, believing that they are catastrophically harmful to health and integrity of eyelashes.

What to do, if natural eyelashes are not too long and dense, and you don’t want to apply false ones? Of course, you can use a good master and lengthen them. But this option is also not suitable for everyone, and it is especially contraindicated to those ladies who have allergy to chemical ingredients of persistent glue.

If you do not know how to use gentle eyelash curler correctly, and generally have poor idea of the purpose of this beauty tool, I will tell you all the most important facts about it.

What’s a Good Eyelash Curler: Choose the Device Responsibly

Which curler is better? Here you can not give exact and unambiguous answer. Each tool has its own cons and pros. And for every woman, they play their own role in final choice.

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For example, all known mechanical mini-curlers made of metal, although they are like a torture tool, they are the safest. They perfectly suit those whose hairs on eyes (just like hair on their heads) are manageable, and they keep styling for a long time. However, there are also reverse situations.

When a girl has straight lashes, which absolutely do not give in to mechanical «training», it is optimal to use electric eye curler for curling lashes. They curl hairs by exposing them to heat, which means that curl lasts longer. But first things first.

Mechanical Eyelash Curler

It represents tweezers, similar to scissors with rounded nozzles instead of blades. Their working part is set at the root of hairs. Then nozzles are tightly compressed together by squeezing motion with the hand. As a result, hairs are not only twisted, but also become longer, as their roots are raised.

It should be noted that in quality curlers, hairs clamp occurs between plastic plate and latex padding. Very cheap eyelash curlers do not provide such «bundle».

Eyelash curlersAre such tools harmful? Rather yes, than no. After all, hairs are squeezed by heavy and hard metal, while healthy follicles can be deactivated, and already existing eyelashes begin to break down and fall out.

If you get quality curler, such nuances with your lashes will not happen. What are advantages of mechanical mini-curlers? First of all, they are suitable for busy and business ladies who do not have time for long-term beauty procedures in morning.

Also, this is compact and portable eyelash curler, it fits easily in a purse, so you can fix makeup with it when and wherever. It can even be used by inexperienced user, because curling process is not anything extra complicated. In this case, you can achieve natural, open and expressive look in a matter of seconds.

The main drawback of mechanical device is rather short fixation period. But if you immediately use good mascara after the curling procedure, hairs will remain long and twisted for the whole day;

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Electric Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlersIt works on the same principle as its mechanical predecessor. But the plate itself is heated like hair curler, creating longer fixation. Are heated eyelash curlers safe? I must say no, electric battery eyelash curlers are more harmful than mechanical ones.

If you miscalculate with the time of keeping hairs between plates, you can simply burn or severely damage them. In addition, they are not so portable and mobile – they work only on the network, and are unlikely to fit in the bag if fully equipped.

But there is a category of women who prefer only such devices, on the grounds that exclusively electric appliance can guarantee ideal make-up.

Eyelash curlersNow there is even more worthy alternative to this device – a special electric brush that combs eyelashes and curls them at the same time.

There is a triple action: effective separation, lifting and fixing. Most likely, it is these eyelash brushes that will soon replace their «old-fashioned» analogues from the market. What are these eyelash curlers called? Strictly speaking, they do not have a specific name.

If you still do not know which tool will be better for you, or do not want to bother yourself with unnecessary manipulations when applying makeup, go to the beauty salon to do chemical perm.

By the way, there is one more new and «tasty» procedure – lamination of eyelashes. It is not only able to make your eyelashes visually dense, thick and long, but also heals them after a series of destructive effects. For example, women are increasingly resorting to it after lengthening eyelashes.

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How do You Use an Eyelash Curler

Before the procedure begins, completely degrease your eyelashes. For this purpose, special primer or micellar water is ideal.

Instructions on how to use eyelash curler:

  • you need to comb eyelashes with a special brush made of natural wool. This will help to separate them and give necessary volume;
  • after fixing the hairs, you need to press curler to the very base. Directly at growth line, hold the curler for a few seconds. Depending on chosen type of tool, you can keep from 2 seconds to a minute (respectively, it’s electrical and mechanical);
  • from the inner corner gradually move the curler to the outer. Having reached the middle of the eyelid, it is necessary to remove the tool – the rest lashes curl in a separate movement;
  • it is necessary to twist angular hairs separately – it will allow to achieve languoriness look due to blackout at external corner of the eye;
  • after that, it remains to apply mascara. It is recommended to use professional products with silicone brush, which, according to reviews, perfectly separate individual hairs.

Pay attention, that before curling eyelashes, it is necessary to take care of their cleanliness and dryness. For this, even after cleansing eyelashes, wipe them with a cotton tissue or a soft towel. Some girls on the forums advise to even dry lashes with hairdryer – but this is unnecessary. This can only contribute to brittleness.