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How to Do Makeup Perfectly: Step-by-Step Description

Makeup is a real art, with the help of which every woman can turn any of her flaws into zest. It is enough to know some secrets of making makeup to turn thin lips into plump, small eyes into large and expressive, ugly long nose into neat, and face shape into ideal oval. As you may have guessed, our conversation today is about proper makeup and avoiding frequent mistakes.

Acne Face: Main Makeup Rules

Acne skin always needs more care and cautious selection of cosmetics. Applying makeup at acne is not prohibited, but cosmetic products should contain safe ingredients that do not clog pores and do not provoke rash. Before applying acne makeup, you can mask small pimples with concealer pencil. After such manipulation, they will become almost invisible and will not stand out on the overall background.

  • Foundation or primer should be identical to skin. You can find most suitable cosmetic product in specialized beauty salon or store.
  • You must not apply foundation with your fingers: this way you can bring germs on healthy skin and cause new rashes. At the end of the day, it is necessary to wash off makeup with makeup remover. After that, you can wash your face with antibacterial soap and apply some of acne remedies on your skin. If you have problems with skin you should wash yourself at least two times a day.
  • Cosmetics is recommended with labeling of non-comedogenic. This cosmetics allows you to narrow pores, clear them of excess sebum and remove black spots on the skin.

Complete Makeup Breakdown

Before start, I want to remind you that no matter how much your tools cost, the must be of high quality (maximally possible). Even low-cost means vary in quality, so among cheap cosmetics always choose those that are best in quality and materials. It is no secret that cosmetics today cost a bundle, but affordable makeup is real, you just need to spend a lot of time and efforts to find quality affordable products, which is quite uneasy, I can tell. But after you have found everything you need, you can be sure that you skin will not suffer from poor quality means that clog pores provoking acne and other skin problems. This makeup beauty breakdown is devoted to tell you how to apply makeup correctly, but remember that quality of the products plays crucial role here.


Although makeup can be applied with your fingers if you want, high-quality makeup brushes are able to change approach to makeup and help develop skills. In any case, choice is purely individual and is determined only by your needs and tastes.

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If you love animals more than life, take brushes only with synthetic bristles. In all other cases, natural brushes and synthetic ones should present in your makeup kit. This is opinion of professional makeup artists, by the way.

Brushes of nylon were developed for liquid and cream textures: only they can put foundation in several layers and make it smooth out the skin, but remain invisible. Natural bristles, like human hair, are covered with scales, so the product sticks to them, and if the product is plastic, it covers skin unevenly: a part of the pigment falls on epidermis, a part stays on hairs. The conclusion is this: brushes with natural hair are suitable for dry textures – powder, blush, shadows, and with synthetic – for liquid and cream: foundation, concealers and primers for makeup.

Foundation Makeup

  • foundationFoundation is applied by thin layers with a brush or a sponge. Before foundation I advise to use primer or face moisturizer for better cover of the face with foundation. I recommend Makeup Forever HD Foundation, since it is high quality product that perfectly covers my skin. But again all products you wear are you individual choice, so if you like some other brand, no problem.
  • You need to move from forehead to chin.
  • It is better not to rub foundation into skin, but apply it with tapping motions, especially if the skin has enlarged pores.
  • When using a sponge to apply face makeup, it should be slightly moistened.
  • Clearly control the amount of foundation applied. The first sign that there is too much product is appearance of wrinkles. In this case, extra layer is removed with a sponge.
  • Do not apply foundation under eyes, I strongly recommend using concealer for attractive eye makeup.
  • You must not mix usual face cream with foundation, otherwise the skin will become oily after a while.

Contour Makeup

contouringContouring is impressive technique in makeup, thanks to which makeup artists help to achieve ideal face shape. Contouring, also called sculpting or 3d makeup, is the latest trend of makeup at home. It is through sculpting that you can achieve ideal shape of your face.

All cintouring makeup techniques can be divided into two groups depending on products used:

  • dry technique using powdered cosmetics (powder, shadows, blush);
  • cream technique with foudation, liquid concealer makeup, highlighters, etc.

It is not necessary to buy special means for contouring. You can use the same cosmetic product of contrasting shades, for example, the lightest and darkest tone of the powder of your favorite brand. The main idea of this makeup is effects of light and shadow: we highlight what we want to increase, and darken what we want to reduce in size visually.

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How to Apply Blush

  • blushBlush is applied with special flat brush.
  • If you have wide face, blush is applied vertically. Shape of the face can be expanded if blush is applied horizontally.
  • To create lifting effect, blush is applied to cheeks, and then they are shaded upward.
  • To soften sharp features of the face is possible by means of blush put on the center of cheeks in circular motions.
  • On triangular face blush is applied to chin and protruding part of cheekbones.
  • Apply blush in short strokes, not long.
  • Creamy, liquid and gel blush are applied with fingertips.
  • Tone of blush is chosen based on tone of skin and overall range of makeup.

Eye Makeup

How to apply daytime makeup is a burning issue, especially when it comes to eye cosmetics. Everything is important here – color of the eyes and your favorite cosmetics.

Beautiful Eyes Makeup Tricks

eye shadows

  • If you are a fan of natural makeup and use only mascara, still get light-beige eye shadows, a tone lighter than your skin tone. Thus, by applying shadows and mascara to eyelashes, you will even look brighter with «natural» makeup – this little trick will put emphasis on your eyes.
  • Light shadows in inner corners of the eyes help to visually enlarge your eyes.
  • If your eyebrow line is low and you do not like it, use light shadows to lighten the upper part of the eyelid by the eyebrow.
  • Before applying shadows, eyelids should be powdered with powder.
  • Shadows always need to be blended, even if one color is used.
  • Light shadows are applied closer to the bridge of the nose, the brightest in the middle of the eye, and the corner of the eyelid is covered with the darkest eye shadows.
  • A thin layer of powder will help to fix eye shadows.
  • If you are wearing contact lenses I recommend to refuse dry eye shadows in favor of liquid.
  • Liquid eye shadows are applied only with fingers, and after application it is necessary to sit a few minutes with closed eyes until they are completely absorbed.
  • If there are wrinkles in the corners of your eyes, then you should refuse pearly shadows.
  • Color of eye shadows will be brighter and more saturated if you moisturize makeup applicator.

Eye Pencils and Eyeliners

How to apply day makeup to look beautiful? Only moderately, however, this does not mean that eyeliners and pencils need to be thrown out – in no case! Just during the day they do not need to be combined with bright lipsticks and dark shadows, but thin lines and mascara are beautiful, however, do not overdo it. Correct day makeup should not be very catchy, that is, the lines should not be sweeping and provocative.

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Eyeliner Application Tips

  • eyelinerPencil for eyeliner should be well sharpened.
  • If liquid eyeliner is applied over eye pencil, then the line will be more clear.
  • If only eye pencil is used, then a thin layer of shadows or powder is applied over it. Otherwise, the line will quickly erase.
  • Liquid eyeliner is applied by a continuous line from inner to outer corner of the eye or first from the middle of the eye to outer corner, and then from inner corner to the middle.
  • To create effect of thick eyelashes liquid liner is applied by small points along the upper line of the eyelid.
  • If the line is spoiled, then you can erase it with usual cotton swab dipped in lotion to remove makeup from eyes. It is extremely important that the lotion does not contain oil, otherwise it will be difficult to make a new line.

Mascara Makeup

  • mascaraIf your eyelashes are thick, then do not use volume mascara, otherwise your eyes will become doll-like.
  • I advise to put mascara, looking in enlarging mirror.
  • Before applying mascara, eyelashes should be degreased, for example, with a makeup remover without oils.
  • It is better to put mascara from the middle of the eyelid to external corner, after that put mascara on inner eyelashes, and in the end put one more layer of mascara on all eyelashes.
  • Second layer of mascara is applied after the first one has dried completely.
  • If eyelashes are powdered before using mascara, they will become longer and more voluminous.
  • Eyelashes are curled before applying mascara, and not vice versa.

Lipsticks and Lip Glosses

It does not matter if you prefer lipstick or lip gloss, the main thing is not to overdo. First, in daytime it is advisable to choose not very bright lipstick, not necessarily light, but not bright-scarlet – such aggressive colors and shades are appropriate in the evening, but not in the afternoon. Second, you do not need to turn your beautiful lips, as well as your face, into a canvas for a painter – there is no girl who became more beautiful with abundance of lip gloss.lip makeup

Secrets of Applying Lipstick

  • For lipstick to last longer, the first layer should be patted dry with a napkin, and then apply a second layer on the lips.
  • To create full lips in their very center a little pearly lipstick or lip gloss should be applied.
  • If lips are full and disproportionate, you should not bring lipstick to the very corners of the mouth.
  • To enlarge lips you can use lipstick in combination with lip pencil of the same color. The pencil is applied to lips just above their own contour.

So to create a perfect makeup for the day, you need to follow all these simple tips, and not overdo with any makeup product. Try to be yourself and if makeup helps you to feel more confident and beautiful, then go ahead and create your own look.

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