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Maybelline Foundations: Types, Shades and Application

Maybelline foundations are presented in several textures – the brand produces both creams, mousses, and fluids. What are their features? Is there any difference between them? Read my review and find out which of the tonal products is suitable for you.

Types of Maybelline foundations

Superstay 24 Hour Foundation

superstay 24 h1. Composition

The formula of the cream contains special “pigments of freshness”, thanks to which the coating can withstand the touch of the phone and hands, as well as unfavorable weather conditions (such as snow or rain).

2. Texture

Maybelline Superstay foundation is almost not felt on the face. The tone is distributed easily and evenly (with a brush or fingers). Adjusts to your face tone.

3. Shades

The tonal cream is presented in eight shades – there are both natural, peach, and golden beige. There are also two finish options – matte and with the effect of natural radiance.

4. Application Results

Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation evens the tone, does not make the skin “heavy” and lasts for 24 hours. It addition, it does not dry your skin at all. Probably, this is one of the best Maybelline foundations.


Affinitone1. Composition

The formula contains argan oil and vitamin E, which are responsible for moisturizing the skin and protect it from the effects of the environment. HD-pigment technology works to ensure that the cream is adjusted to the skin tone and provides a uniform coverage.

2. Texture

Affinitone is pretty liquid, but does not smear during application. Creates a dense layer, does not weight and does not leave the effect of the mask.

3. Shades

I love these Maybelline foundation shades – there are eight colors: from light to dark beige (there are options for neutral, cold and warm undertones).

4. Application Results

The tonal base creates a dense and even layer, and thanks to moisturizing ingredients in the composition does not emphasize peeling and does not clog pores. Besides, it perfectly masks imperfections – the tone turns out to be uniform and lasting.

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Maybelline Dream Fluid Foundation

Dream Satin Skin1. Composition

Maybelline Dream Satin includes the following substances: elastomers – unique smoothing components, allowing to align the structure and color of the face; isododecane – a component that perfectly hides imperfections, masking the rash and flaws in the microrelief; glycerin – a component that saturates the skin cells with moisture and softens the surface of the face; titanium dioxide – prevents the negative impact of external irritants, in particular sun rays, it is a natural ultraviolet filter.

2. Texture

The product has a light fluid texture that is practically not felt on the skin, but at the same time reliably conceals skin imperfections and does not clog pores.

3. Shades

The palette contains eight shades, so that you can easily choose one that suits your skin tone perfectly. I prefer to mix several colors at once to get the best color.

4. Application results

To distribute Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation on the face and neck, you will need a small amount of the product. Apply the cream from the center of the face to the periphery. You can see the result immediately – even tone + soft and radiant skin!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

dream matte1. Composition

The formula of the product contains silicone, which is responsible for the smoothing of the tone, and also a special moisturizing complex, thanks to which the coating feels comfortable on the face during the day.

2. Texture

The “whipped” texture of Maybelline mousse is almost not felt on the face, but it creates a fairly dense coating layer without the effect of a mask.

3. Shades

The palette consists of six shades, including honey, cream and natural beige.

4. Application results

Maybelline Mousse Foundation matiruet and hides imperfections. If you plan to wear the make-up for the whole day, apply the remedy to the zones that start shining first. If the evening, distribute the mousse all over the face, moving from the center to the temples.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

fit me1. Composition

Fit Me ingredients include powdery microparticles that make the pores less visible, does not clog pores and matte the skin.

2. Texture

The texture is fairly light and easily spread over the skin. For a more natural coating, I apply the cream with fingers, for a thick layer – with a wide brush.

3. Shades

You may choose among more than 15 shades. By the way, you can easily choose a suitable Maybelline mineral powder from the same line.

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4. Application results

The product aligns the tone, matures and hides the pores. I apply Fit Me Matte and Poreless like any other foundation, from the center of the face to the periphery.

Dream Fresh

dream fresh1. Composition

The formula of this BB-cream includes extracts of chamomile and aloe vera, which take care of your skin. A UV filter protects it from ultraviolet light (SPF 30).

2. Texture

Dream Fresh texture is weightless, perfectly distributed and merges with the face tone.

3. Shades

Maybelline Dream Matte consists of three universal shades: very light, light and natural beige.

4. Application results

The product solves several problems at once: masks imperfections, smoothes, moisturizes and makes your skin more radiant. The result is a smooth and fresh tone without the effect of a mask throughout the day.

How to choose Maybelline foundation?

Which Color is Right for Me

For moisturizing

If the your goal is not only skin color smoothing, but also its hydration, use a foundation with additional caring ingredients in the composition (for example, Affinitone with vitamin E and argan oil).

Dream Fresh BB cream is also excellent for dry skin – when applied it looks like a nourishing cream, but at the same time it has a good overlapping and caring ability. If you use a BB cream in makeup, you do not need to apply a moisturizer before it.

For matting effect

There are two matte foundations that can perfectly cope with this task – Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse and Fit Me. The latter, by the way, was created specifically for this purpose. This tonal base with the texture of mousse is suitable for any skin type (dry, oily, combined): it dries up those areas which have glossy grease and moisturizes the dry ones. To preserve the “air” texture of the mousse, do not use a brush or fingers – apply it with a sponge!

For protection from ultraviolet radiation

UV-filter can often be found in the composition of tonal products of a new generation, including BB-creams. For this purpose, chose Dream Fresh option.

For natural make-up

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid can cope with this task – level the tone and give the face a fresh look. This product, like any other fluid, has a rather liquid texture (which makes it very economical to use), so you can easily spread it over your face. The product not only smooths the complexion (and conceals small imperfections), but also matiruet (suitable for oily and combination skin), leaving no fatty film on the face. Apply a brush with a dense pile and distribute it with light circular motions.

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Beauty Tips: How to Apply Maybelline Foundation Like a Pro

how to apply maybelline foundation

1. Follow the sequence!

In a basic make-up, you need to follow the sequence: first use a color corrector, then – foundation (to remove redness and smooth out the tone). In the end, use Maybelline concealer stick.

2. Two layers

If your tone does not require correction with the help of a color corrector and you only need to disguise the dark areas under the eyes, apply the concealer in two layers. The first – before the make-up, the second – after applying the tone.

3. No oily shine

If you notice an oily shine on your face, use Maybelline primer. Apply the product on the T-zone to make the makeup more lasting (remember this trick if you have an oily skin).

4. Make the right choice

Choose three Maybelline foundations that are close in color to the natural shade of your skin, and apply them to the cheek. Choose the one that will completely merge with the skin tone.

5. From center to contour

To ensure that the coating with a foundation looks maximally natural (especially in the neck), apply it from the center of the face to the periphery.

6. One color

Do not forget to apply a foundation cream on your eyelids (to hide redness), ears and neck – the skin on these areas slightly differ in shade from the face. If you wear clothes with a deep cut, apply a little cream to the décolleté zone.

7. Light is important

After applying a tone, do not forget to check if its color matches the tone of your skin. For this, either stand at the window in daylight, or go out into the street – and take a mirror with you.

8. Texture-transformer

If you want to turn your favorite Maybelline matte foundation into radiant, apply it with a sponge, first dropping a small amount of oil on your face. Another way to create a natural shine of the skin, mix a foundation with a liquid Maybelline highlighter.

9. Find the right subtone

You have three options: a foundation with a cold, warm or neutral undertone. Which type of skin do you have? In the first case, it should select a peach, yellowish, golden hue; in the second – pinkish, reddish or with a blue tint; in the third – something between the first two options.

After you determine which undertone you have, choose a foundation. Do it carefully, otherwise your face will look unnatural.

10. Use a powder!

To keep the tonal base as long as possible, fix the makeup with a transparent Maybelline Dream Matte powder or spray. Apply the product to the areas that first start to shine (usually the T-zone).

Should you apply a foundation with sponge, brush or fingers? Watch the video tutorial by Nigel Stanislaus, New York makeup director:

And which of the Maybelline foundation do you use? 🙂