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5 Universal Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Skin

How are you, dears? Today the topic of my post is very entertaining! Let’s start for this “exciting adventure”!

What Women Like the Most, when they see their skin is almost perfect! What healthy habits for good skin can I recommend you? They are enormous, to tell you the truth. So many men so many minds – that’s why I choose for you the most universal ways to make you look healthier and younger. It is up to you to decide to follow them or not but I keep them constantly. Why is it so important for me? I do not differ from any women you know – I just want to attract people attention everywhere!

Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Skin

Coffee – Only in the Morning, Water and Fresh Juice – Everywhere!

no coffeeIf you are coffee-addicted, do not give up coffee, but try to replace it with fresh juice after 14:00 pm. Coffee is not the best factor for this, but in the morning your body has enough time to process caffeine without damaging itself. The second half of the day observe metabolic processes to be not so active, that’s why it is better not to have too much coffee or drinks with coffein. To stimulate lymphatic drainage, get rid of puffiness and increase supply of cells with oxygen, cocktails from celery, apple and spinach are the best – but in principle any “green” juice will cope with the task as well. Do not forget to drink more water not to disturb water balance in body. Water stimulates digestion. On average, you need to drink 2-3 liters of water a day, but do not exceed this norm.

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How to Take Care of your Face Skin? Simple – Make Masks at Home from Ordinary Products!

Product Name Its Effect Picture
Black currant  whitens and tightens pores Black currant
Strawberry  improves complexion, removes irritation and works as an antiseptic Strawberry
 Cucumber  whitens and refreshes Cucumber
 Carrot  softens and rejuvenates Fresh carrots
 New potatoes  removes traces of fatigue and smoothes the skin New potatoes
 Fresh greenery  soothes and refreshes Fresh greenery
 Green tea  ice from tea tones up, strengthens blood vessels Green tea
 Cottage cheese  smooths wrinkles and cleanses Cottage cheese
 Oatmeal  rejuvenates Oatmeal

Sun – Enemy Number One: How to Protect

Do not underestimate need to protect skin from sun rays. Especially in recent years, when among young women cases of skin cancer have become more frequent. If you follow the correct precaution means, you can provide a completely high-quality and reliable protection. Use a good sunscreen for face every day, even in winter and in cloudy weather when sun is not visible. Look for such means that allow you to block both UVA and UVB. And see that these components are included in composition: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and / or avobenzene. Only these ingredients can provide you with comprehensive protection from sunlight.

Walking_For Better Mood, Digestion and Face SkinWalking – So Many Benefits in One Step

  • Health Support: This sport with an average endurance load allows you to maintain cardiovascular system, revitalize blood and lymph circulation. In addition, respiratory endurance also improves. The lungs are ventilated more and better. It is also known that walking is a healthy lifestyle habit that prevents cancer of intestine and mammary glands.
  • Mood and Sleep Improvement: When you walk on foot in the morning, daylight allows you to regulate sleep cycles and, most importantly, produce more serotonin – a neurotransmitter of good mood. You may ask how you can help to keep your skin healthy? Fresh air is rich with oxygen, which gives the cheeks a blush improving its condition as whole.
  • Get Rid of Stress: For the first quarter of an hour walking allows you to clear your head, look at yourself from outside and find inspiration. When you feel that the level of attention decreases, go to walk: a well-known lifestyle habit of writers!
  • Better Digestive Tract Performance: When you walk, you help stomach and intestines, you facilitate digestion. Food quickly passes into digestive system. In addition, steps make a kind of gymnastics for intestines, which speeds up transit through it. When you have nothing extra your skin will also look pretty well!
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So that, I recommend you walking more because this healthy lifestyle tip helps you look more pure, even and without acne problems. Moreover there are so many benefits when walking – enjoy sunny weather, breathe a fresh air and think properly about everything happened around.

Vitamin Complex for Shining Face Skin

The most useful vitamins are Vitamin A (retinol), B1, B2, C, E. Let’s find out how they may make you shine!

Vitamin Name Benefits Vitamin in Products
 Vitamin A Perhaps, the best vitamin, which helps to fight against acne. It regulates sebum production. It also has a good healing effect. It is often prescribed to treat inflammation on face. Vitamin A is excellent treatment for post-acne. It becomes “your friend” if your skin is tired and flabby after a hard working day.  fish, apricots, meat, carrots, pumpkins, oranges, sunflower seeds.
 Vitamin B1 This vitamin is popular in dermatological sphere. It eliminates such symptoms as severe itching, flaking, burning, the first wrinkles appearance. It acts on nervous system, which helps cure psoriasis, eczema, pyoderma and all those skin diseases that have appeared because of nerves. Applying vitamin B1, you will get a healthy, smooth complexion, without dryness and irritation. oatmeal, milk, cottage cheese, peaches, pears, buckwheat, chicken eggs.
 Vitamin B2 It accelerates metabolism due to the fact that it provides the necessary amount of oxygen in the cells, stimulates energy production and its renewal. Vitamin B2 smooths complexion, allows it to breathe, prevents appearance of cracks and ulcers. fermented baked milk, wheat, red meat, bananas.
 Vitamin C  Everyone knows ascorbic acid. Quite often it is used in cosmetology, because it prepares surface for peeling, cleansing, masks, etc. It protects your skin from harmful external influences, accelerates healing of cuts, wounds, increases collagen production. lemon, pepper, tomatoes, black currant, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, apples.
Viatmin E This vitamin smooths skin, has a powerful anti-aging agent. It will help make wrinkles more iviseable. And in general vitamin E – №1 against aging. After course of this vitamin application face becomes elastic, smooth, tightened. It is proved that it improves blood circulation, gives elasticity. carrots, cucumbers, cherries, pumpkin oil, olive oil, pistachios, oatmeal, almonds, egg yolk.
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Do you want your skin to be healthy? No probelm follow these healthy lifestyle for healthy skin and you will see perfect result. There are 5 the main universal tips, you may take a note of these main steps and add your own ones for looking swell, beautiful and young! Take a chance and become more CONFIDENT – you will be the BESt one!

Yours, Alisa Beauty!