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Minnesota Fashion Week – My Experience

Hey! I am Alisa Beauty and I have found free time to tell you a story of my visit to Fashion Week MN (Minnesota) April 2021. That was gorgeous fashion week. I was in a group of stylists and makeup artists. The week was arranged by brands and designers in a celebration of Minnesota’s diverse fashion community. It helps understand how the fashion industry has changed over the past several years.

My trip to Minnesota was successful. It starts in New York and ended in Minneapolis. During this week I have faced one big problem. My wallet with cash, credit cards has been stolen. I called the bank to block them not to lost all my funds. My rescue was to issue payday loans Minnesota. This is a fast service helping to take out some cash to live up a month or so. I need funds for several weeks until my return home.

The greatest advantage is that the issuance takes only several hours. It is very convenient if you need some extra funds, especially if you are involved in such a difficult situation.

Let’s return to the fashion week I was a part in. It includes the following parts: thrift/vintage, sustainability, ethical, and local. We are excited to see featured runway shows, presentations, panels. That’s was an opportunity for almost any designer to master his abilities and display his creativity/masterpiences.

Even for us, makeup artists, it was a unique opportunity to cooperate with models, other artists and organizers. And I may give you some recommendations found after Minnesota fashion week:

  1. Full lips effect
    To put accent on the shape of the lips, many artists resort to using a dark pencil. However, most often it is this step that leads to unnatural makeup, which visually looks completely different from what you planned – pretentious and “tasteless”.
    In this case, backstage makeup artists advise to prefer a light pencil to a dark one. So, you will achieve a softer highlight effect and give your lips a natural glow from the inside. Apply the product and mix it lightly so that it looks as natural as possible.
  2. One lipstick – many functions
    Make-up artists apply it to the lips of the model, and then slightly shade it with the “apples” of the cheeks, eyelids and even the tip of the nose. However, with the latter it is necessary to be extremely careful, since such application requires a certain skill and a professional “hand”. As a result, you can get a harmonious beauty image with minimal effort.
  3. The trick with the makeup base
    To get a beautiful natural tone, makeup artists apply the foundation to the central part of the face and move from it in different directions. Another important trick: to make the area under the eyes brighter and more radiant, use a concealer with a pink undertone for it.
  4. Change the shade of cream blush to your liking
    Blush is different, but with creamy textures, all the cards are in your hands. For example, to reduce the brightness of cream blush, you only need to mix them with a light, muted shade of lipstick on the back of your wrist. A great bonus: you can use the resulting tone on both cheeks and lips. Make-up artists from fashion shows use this make-up trick regularly.
  5. The eye liner trick
    The black eye liner is not at all popular among professional makeup artists, who willingly prefer brown and gray shades to it. As a rule, they reduce the degree of drama of the make-up image and are ideal for everyday makeup.
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Great wishes, your Alisa!