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Best Cheap Fake Eyelashes for You

Expressive look is a big plus for your appearance. But if nature has not endowed you with long and thick eyelashes, you can use false bottom lashes.

The main thing is not to overdo it and pick up form and length from a wide range of models of false eyelashes. I just want to warn you: to glue such eyelashes every morning is not the best idea. Do not worry, quality of your own lashes will not suffer because of them. I just think that they are an element for evening occasion, festival, stage or photo-make-up, in other cases your faithful assistant is volume mascara.

If there is an occasion for false eyelashes, give preference to transparent non-latex glue. In the tube it looks white, but when it dries it becomes completely invisible. This option is just right for beginners – there will be no allergic reaction, plus compared to black such glue will be loyal to your mistakes.NB: any type of cheap fake lashes are reusable. Life of false eyelashes depends on material – artificial are considered more durable. As soon as false lashes are removed from the eye, do not delay cleansing – for this purpose any lotion for removing make-up will do. And after that put the lashes in a special box, there they won’t be deformed and will look like new ones.

Choose Your Best Cheap False Eyelashes

In stores you can find many models of cheap fake eyelashes of different color, length, composition, so it is worthwhile to define clear criteria by which we will choose the best of them:

  • Silk, natural hair or synthetic. Of course, natural material is more expensive. Be prepared that false eyelashes made of human hair will cost a pretty penny. Analogues made of silk fibers are the golden mean: they are soft enough, they look natural, they can even be covered with mascara. Synthetic fibers are the cheapest, but more rigid and thick.
  • Individual lashes or strips. Almost every firm that produces high quality fake eyelashes produces them in two versions: individual or strips. The latter kind is the most popular among buyers, because it does not require special make-up skills, unlike clumps. Therefore, we will consider models made in the form of strips.
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Use of different false eyelashes is absolutely safe. But, if your eyesight is far from perfect or you are predisposed to allergies, be cautious. Avoid lashes of natural material – these are far from hypoallergenic. And list of your preferences must contain short or medium length false eyelashes, or better clumps – with the latter load on eyes will be minimal.

Top 5 Fake Eyelashes

Strips are in great demand, and many of you often ask me: which fake eyelashes are the best? There is no definite answer to this question, since each of you have different preferences. But of course we all do not want to spend much money on such a tiny thing as high quality eyelashes. So I gathered 5 best affordable fake eyelashes that will suite any budget:

  • Ardell Fashion Lash. Soft, easy to attach, suitable for repeated use, look natural;
  • M.A.C # 1Lash. The only drawback of this model is price (they are more expensive than others in the list). In the rest it is an ideal solution – natural, durable, a large choice of shapes and colors;
  • Andrea Mod Lash. These good cheap fake eyelashes can be covered with mascara and decorated with rhinestones;
  • BuyinCoins. Unlike most synthetic eyelashes, they look natural.
  • American International Industries. Another reusable good cheap eyelashes.

Possible Forms of Fake Eyelashes

  • Round. These eyelashes differ in the same length of hairs, which gives that doll lash look. This form is best used for parties to create appropriate look.
  • Neutral. These are the most natural fake lashes, length of hairs slightly increases to the outer corner of the eye. Suitable for everyday use, perfectly correct shape of the eye.
  • Cat’s eyes. This effect is achieved due to the fact that length of these eyelashes sharply increases to the outer corner of the eye. Your look becomes a little aggressive, even bitchy.
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Remember that it is up to you to choose the most suitable for you false eyelashes. But if you want to find best natural eyelashes you should better pay attention to the quality of the product and be ready for high price. But you shouldn’t think that there is no opportunity to find best inexpensive false eyelashes, it is possible but it will take you a lot of time and efforts.