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Revlon Black Cherry vs Wine Not: Which Color to Choose?

Dark shades of Revlon lipsticks have become a trend. To meet fashion trends, you need to choose makeup products correctly. In this article I decided to review my favorite dark shades: Revlon Black Cherry vs Wine Not: which color to choose? Read the answer in this article.

Black Cherry and Wine Not: General Information

It should be noted that both Black Cherry and Wine Not are suitable for an evening make-up. For daytime use, they are extremely bright. The best application is an informal event or a club get-together. They will not leave you without attention, so you should choose the right application and color very carefully.

Both Revlon Cherry lipstick and Wine colored lipsticks are suitable for girls with any face type. Since the color has a saturated pigment, women with light skin should be used with caution. They can create a negative entourage, which is incompatible with a vivid accent.

Bear in mind that dark shades has age limits. Not every woman looks attractive with a bright, saturated shade on her lips. Women over 45 should refuse this idea. I think this shade adds about 5 years to the age of a woman.

A dark, deep tone really attracts attention to the lips and at the same time to the skin. If your skin is not perfect, the lipstick can emphasize their negative side.

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Black Cherry and Wine Not are subtypes of red that has been used for several years by famous women on the pages of glossy magazines. Bright shades allow you to create a spectacular image that fits into the notion of a fashion make-up.

revlon black cherry vs wine not

Revlon Black Cherry vs Wine Not: Considering Skin Tone

  • If you have fair or porcelain skin tones, you should choose Revlon Cherry lipstick;
  • If you have olive skin tone, you will look perfect with a wine colored lipstick;
  • If you have dark skin tone, you can choose any Revlon shade. Both colors will make your teeth whiter and emphasize the features of you appearance!

Revlon Black Cherry vs Wine Not: Hair Color is Important!

  • Blondes should choose classic Revlon Black Cherry lipstick;
  • Brunettes should choose Wine Not;
  • Red-haired women should stay away from wine colored lipsticks, but cherry shade is quite acceptable. Although, of course, everything is very individual, and these Revlon shades of lipstick require careful “testing.”

How to combine these Revlon shades with makeup?

  • Believe me, these shades are great for both daytime and evening images. The main thing is to remember that you makes the accent on the lips and exclude the eye makeup;
  • To ensure that your dark lips look good in daytime make-up, use neutral eye shades: light gold or topical silvery colors. Select eyelashes with ink and finish the image with blush;
  • For evening make-up, you can use darker eyeshadows, for example, gray or burgundy colors. Do not forget about the make-up of the eyebrows – but try not to overdo it.
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More tips for using Revlon Black Cherry and Wine Not:

  • I use a pencil to draw a clear line and prevent spreading;
  • Sometimes I use a white pencil that allows to create a non-standard gradient.

Well, now you know everything about my favorite lipsticks 🙂 I hope this guide on Revlon Black Cherry vs Wine Not shades was useful for you! Choose the right color and shine like never before! 🙂

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