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What is an Eyelid Primer and How to Use It? Review of Best Products 2017

Makeup is a real art that requires certain knowledge, inspiration and tools. Only professionals know all the nuances of the process. Ordinary women often do makeup without knowing which tricks can be applied. Many of them do not even know that they can use an eyelid primer. This tool helps not only to create more expressive colors, but also prolongs the life of a makeup.

Eyelid primer – do we really need it?

When doing a foundation, it is simply impossible to bypass the eye area, since this zone is given great attention. But how to prepare the upper eyelid? There is a special make-up for for this part of the eye that performs a number of important functions. Eye primer base is not a caring product, it is purely a practical tip. This tool is one of the elements of a makeup base, a stage preceding a decorative makeup.

Let’s define the main purposes of this beauty product:

  • Some eye shadows leave behind an unpleasant sensation on the eyelids, as they dry them. It is difficult to apply a beautiful makeup on such a skin. The base is a kind of a barrier that protects the skin from possible negative effects of applied decorative cosmetics;
  • Thanks to an eyelid primer, the shadows look more dense, they stay longer, and do not crumble;
  • Women with oily skin always face the problem of rolling the shadows into the folds of the skin. The base helps to make this problem irrelevant, providing a tight fit of cosmetics;
  • Application on dry skin helps to smooth peeling, and a special agent acts on oily skin as matting.
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Although many manufacturers add caring components to the composition, a full-fledged base that would provide proper care to the eyelids does not exist.

How to Use Eye Primer?

The base usually has a natural, almost imperceptible pigment that easily aligns the color of the eyelid, but does not change it. If you compare the product with a foundation, it is applied more delicately and looks more natural. The chosen color of the very basis has almost no value, since a layer of shadows is applied above. You should take care of color compatibility if you plan to use shadows of neutral (natural) color.

The base can be applied in various ways, for this purpose you can use both a brush and clean fingers. If you apply the product without additional tools, then it is necessary to spread it with light patting movements. The area that needs to be covered is the same as where you would like to apply shadows in the future.

Do not use a foundation on this area. The skin is very sensitive, and cosmetics designed specifically for the eyelids are more delicate. Eye primer base will not burden the skin, unlike a non-specialized product, which by the end of the day can become sticky.

What are the features of eye makeup? How to prepare the skin and apply shadows? How to shade them and create beautiful smooth transitions? You will find the answers to all these questions in this video:

Best Drugstore Eye Primers 2017

It may seem surprising that an eyelid primer is not manufactured by all cosmetic companies. Their assortment may include a lot of make-up bases, but you will not find any special products for the eyelid. This position can be found in the NYX line, Relouis, Mary Kay, Vivienne Sabo, Urban Dickey, etc. Let’s consider my favorite products.

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best eye primers

1. Avon Eyelid Primer

The product is released in a small jar, in the volume of 3 grams. The manufacturer claims that the base is suitable for any type and tone of the skin, and after application it becomes velvety and well-groomed. The composition includes many chemical components, but there are also natural ingredients, including shea butter. The tool has no pronounced flavor, has a cream consistency.

The color is very different from the one that remains after application to the eyelids. It’s distributed along the skin easily, does not roll down. The effect is noticeable immediately after the application – your eyelids have a more saturated color, they lie evenly.

2. Vivienne Sabo Fixateur Eye Primer

The product belongs to the budget price category, but is very popular among women. The color of the product is tender, there are small shining particles, but they are completely invisible under the shadows.

The consistency is dense, which makes it difficult to apply, especially when there is no experience. To facilitate the application process, I recommend to apply a small amount of the product. The product copes “excellent” with its main task – ensures an even application of shadows on the eyelids.

3. Mary Kay Eye Primer

The product is available in a comfortable soft tube with the volume of 8.5 grams. The cream has a pleasant light consistency and is easily distributed.

I do not feel this base and does not feel any discomfort at all. The shadows look more dense. The product provides an even coating without gaps. Another advantage – cosmetics on this basis are shaded without problems!

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4. Essence I love stage Eye Primer

The basis is presented in an interesting jar with an applicator, the volume is 4 grams. Cream texture allows to spread the product evenly, creating an excellent base for a bright and long-lasting makeup. I do not feel the product at all, it does not prevent normal shading. The tool is able to mask small imperfections even when applied in a thin layer.

5. ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base

This base with a light pearl shine is suitable for any age and type of skin. In addition to the standard effect, it helps to correct minor skin color flaws due to maximum light reflection. Also, the composition includes antiseptics and vitamins, which contribute to the moistening and soothing of the skin. The product it is not visible after application, it merges with the general tone. It also provides high resistance to shadows.

What Can Be Used Instead of Drugstore Eye Primer?

If you can’t use eye primer base for some reason, you still can achieve a more dense layer of shadows in the following ways:

  • The most predictable and most affordable option is to apply shadows in a wet way;
  • The next option is to use a foundation cream as a base;
  • To enhance the saturation and brightness of shadows, use a black or white eyeliner as a basis;
  • The extravagant version: you can use a milk to remove makeup or lip balm. However, this method may cause allergy.

A good primer that has undergone dermatological control will make it possible to achieve not only the external radiance of the skin, it will perform caring functions, moisturizing the face and protecting it from the influence of unfavorable external factors. Once using such this multifunctional product, the answer to the question of why you need aa eyelid primer will become obvious to you! 🙂