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Top 11 Drugstore Powder Foundations 2017: How to Choose YOUR Best

Powder is an important part of everyday make-up for most women. It can smooth complexion and conceal imperfections. However, the wrong choice will lead to an entirely opposite effect – emphasize the slightest blemishes. So you should take the purchase seriously. For these reasons, today I want to review best powder drugstore foundations and share some tips for choosing your perfect foundation!

Best Powder Drugstore Foundations: Selection Criteria

  1. The texture can be liquid, pressed or ball-shaped. A compact powder is more dense, so its matting and masking effect is ideal for a fatty skin type. Friable version is usually light and transparent, it serves only to fix the makeup;
  2. The shade will depend on the complexion. For this reason, most manufacturers have several tones in their assortment. You can easily determine the necessary shade- just test it on on the back of the palm;
  3. Shimmering particles (shimmers), giving a barely noticeable radiance. They are present mainly in a ball and friable product.

Which Drugstore Powder Foundations Should Be Avoided?

Pay attention to the individual features of the facial skin. However, you should take into account some nuances to avoid disappointment:

  • Do not buy a powder, which perfectly matches your face color. Buy a tone lighter. Remember that a powder usually makes the natural complexion a bit darker;
  • Refuse a product with no strainer. Otherwise, it will be difficult to apply an even light layer. And you can accidentally spill the contents;
  • Do not choose a compact powder without a mirror. Of course, this is not an essential criterion, however a compact powder is a mobile option, and a mirror is simply necessary;
  • Do not buy a cosmetic product with a short shelf life, otherwise you just will not have time to use it.

Top 11 Drugstore Powder Foundations 2017

1. Diorskin Forever Compact

1Resistant to increased moisture. Provides an unexpectedly high level of protection from ultraviolet – SPF 25. Has a velvet case. When the product is finished, it is enough to buy a “spare” with the right number and use it further – it will be cheaper.


  • Pleasant texture and very fine grinding;
  • It gives a light satin glow;
  • Masks small defects, redness and dark areas under the eyes;
  • Copes with a greasy sheen up to 6 hours;
  • Economically spent;
  • There is a compartment for a sponge;
  • Tolerates the fall.


  • Flaunts flaky areas;
  • Upon repeated application, the layer becomes too heavy and visible.

I do not recommend correcting the makeup with this powder – it can only be applied to the cleansed skin. For correcting your makeup, use lighter finishing means. For maximum correction, take a sponge, the brush will give a layer of medium density.

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2. Bourjois Healthy Balance

2Healthy Balance contains natural fruit extracts for nutrition: a good cocktail of antioxidants, regenerating and moisturizing components. This Bourjois product is suitable for all skin types, because it has a matting effect.


  • Pleasant fruity smell;
  • Keeps for 5 to 10 hours, without slipping;
  • A good matting effect;
  • Does not overdry the skin;
  • Does not clog pores;
  • Hypoallergenic composition;
  • Affordable price.


  • No sponge. The standard sponge does not fit in the case;
  • Some shades look yellow and orange;
  • Does not hide redness on the skin.

3. Shiseido Pureness Matifying

3This drugstore powder foundation was developed for oily skin, it can be used on both normal and combination types, even those prone to acne. Its formula includes components SPF 15, protecting the face from photoaging.


  • Conceals large pores;
  • Aligns the overall tone;
  • Has a long matt effect even in hot weather;
  • Gentle texture and very fine grinding;
  • Does not contain oil;
  • You can find interchangeable blocks on sale ;
  • Very compact packaging, although powder weights slightly more than usual – 11 g.


  • A small mirror;
  • Can not deal with serious defects;
  • Emphasizes peeling on a dry skin.

Shiseido Pureness is suitable for finishing make-up, but can be applied directly to a light base. However, when choosing a shade, you need to remember that almost all the colors come with a yellow sub-ton. But they look perfect with a summer tan.

4. Max Factor FaceFinity

4Max Factor FaceFinity with SPF 15 gives a light matting effect and has a good water resistance. It includes nutritional and moisturizing components that are extremely necessary for dry skin. This product is universal and can be used as a basis or for final fixing of make-up. It is produced in 7 popular shades – alas, only 3 of them are suitable for fair-skinned women.


  • Conceals small defects;
  • Evenly lies even on oily and combination skin;
  • Can be re-applied without mask effect;
  • Lasts throughout the day;
  • Does not contain perfumes;
  • A large mirror in the case;
  • A good price.


  • It can not cope with serious flaws without a concealer;
  • Not suitable for applying with a wide brush – it should be applied with a sponge or a dense kabuki.

Max Factor FaceFinity is quite suitable for daily use and correction of makeup . Moreover, the type of skin does not play a decisive role – the product does not cause dryness and matifies oily areas. But gives a layer of an average density.

5. Givenchy Prisme Libre

5Givenchy Prisme Libre is probably best drugstore powder foundation in the world! It has a whole palette of 4 natural shades. The texture of all four shades is identical, so you can create your own shades using them. The powder is perfumed with the aroma of rose and white flowers.


  • The puff does not allow shades to pour out through the dispensers and mix;
  • Economical consumption;
  • A good smell of perfume;
  • A good matting effect for 4 hours;
  • Gives a very light invisible layer;
  • Aligns the color, but remains invisible.
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  • Does not hide defects;
  • Emphasizes peeling;
  • The puff is too small.

Prisme Libre is available in 6 different palettes. All “light” sets contain shimmers, which create a pearl shine on the skin. It is applied as a fixator on a foundation, without changing its shade.

6. Chanel Vitalumière Loose Foundation

6This best powder foundation from drugstore has been on the market for only 3 years, but it already claims to be a legend. In the jar, it looks like an ordinary powder, but on the face turns into a soft foundation. Reflective particles mask small age defects, and the product has a SPF15.


  • A convenient mesh-dispenser made of cloth;
  • Lasts up to 6 hours on a normal skin;
  • There is a brush-kabuki – very dense and gentle;
  • Pleasant smell with pink notes;
  • Silky texture;
  • Aligns the overall shade of the face and makes it visually smoother;
  • No feeling of heaviness after application;
  • Does not need the finish.


  • If you overdo with the amount of the product, you can get the effect of a mask;
  • With dense application, emphasizes large pores.

This powder is able to replace several cosmetic products at once: a foundation, a highlighter, and a finish. It all depends on the chosen tool and the method of application. The best effect can be obtained with a simple soft brush for make-up.

7. Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting

7This is a velvety friable powder for all skin types. Moisturizes dry skin. The composition includes natural antioxidants (extract of berry derebs) and anti-aging components. Unlike other products, Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting is initially pressed.


  • Excellent durability;
  • Gives a thin veil foundation;
  • Aligns the complexion and hides flaws;
  • Effect of the internal skin radiance;
  • Conceals the pores;
  • Has a medium matting effect;
  • Sensible moisturizing;
  • A good mirror.


  • Small package – 3,4 g;
  • Not everyone likes the smell, but it quickly vanishes;
  • A small selection of shades.

This product is expensive. But we are talking about the best powder foundations from drugstore, and not just about prices.

8. Pupa Luminys Baked

8Pupa Luminys Baked can be faithfully considered the best powder foundation! It contains jojoba extract, which cares for the skin and retains moisture in the cells. The capsule is 8 cm in diameter, but is not very compact. The powder deserved very high ratings and good customer reviews.


  • A good mirror;
  • A good masking effect, hides even large pores;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Moderate amount of light reflecting particles;
  • Does not emphasize small wrinkles;
  • Light, non-irritating scent;
  • Looks natural, without clogging the pores;
  • Does not require a tonal base, maximum – concealer for problem areas.


  • Expensive;
  • Sponge of poor quality;
  • Dense texture – you will need a hard brush.

9. Chanel Lumines

9Chanel Lumines is not as popular as Pupa, but it also has its advantages. Chanel Luminys with matting effect aligns the skin tone with a medium-density texture. Contains photoreflective particles that give the skin a fresh look. The powder is intended for dry application. I often see dark shades on sale, which are positioned as bronzers, but they are not suitable for my fair skin.

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  • Very lasting – up to 12 hours;
  • Conceals various defects and redness;
  • A light scent;
  • Convenient sponge;
  • Affordable price.


  • It is not easy to find this product on sale;
  • No light colors – all shades give the effect of at least a light tan on the face.

10. Guerlain Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls

10Speaking about the powder drugstore foundations, I can not bypass Guerlain Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls. Its a veil with a shimmering effect, a mixture of colorful mineral balls. Each shade has its own features: pink refreshes the face, green hides the red, white gives clarification, lilac reflects the rays, creating optical masking, golden gives radiance. “Meteorites” are available in 4 palettes for different skin shades.


  • Can be applied to the face in both dry and wet ways;
  • You can apply pink balls instead of blush;
  • Luxurious jar, persistent fragrance;
  • Very thin coating like a veil.


  • The effect of moist skin;
  • Not recommended for the T-zone.

I think Guerlain Meteorites is great for bright evening make-up.

11. Vivienne Sabo Poudre Mélange

11This powder drugstore foundation has a matting effect due to the talc content and is ideal for daytime makeup. However, there is a light elegant flicker after application, but it is noticeable only under artificial lighting.


  • Natural shades;
  • Soft texture of the balls;
  • Easily replaces blush;
  • It gives a beautiful and healthy color;
  • Does not cause dryness;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Reasonable price.


  • Only 2 palettes in a line – pink and brown;
  • Not every person likes the aroma which resembles a sweet retro cosmetics.

The sponge is not intended for applying makeup – it simply holds the granules, preventing them from breaking. You should also be more careful when applying this cosmetics on skin prone to acne. This powder can emphasize acne.

More Tips for Choosing Best Drugstore Powder Foundations: My Personal Advice

  1. For skin with small defects, but without peeling, I recommend compact powder Diorskin Forever as a basis for make-up;
  2. If you want to refuse tonal creams, but at the same time hide large pores, you can use Pupa Luminys Baked. But keep in mind: it’s not suitable for women with oily skin;
  3. If you want a good matting effect, look at Chanel Luminys. This same cosmetic can also be used as a bronzer;
  4. Women with oily skin should pay attention to a compact version of Pureness Matifying brand Shiseido. In the cold season and in wet weather it will be replaced by Max Factor FaceFinity;
  5. If you have little space in the cosmetic bag, you should choose Bourjois Healthy Balance every day. It has a very compact case. This powder is great for oily and mature skin, which needs a high-grade diet;
  6. Chanel Vitalumière Loose is a universal tool, which can hide imperfections and fixing the finish;
  7. Do you want professional make-up? Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting – this it just what you need;
  8. To complete the make-up, select the fixing powder by Givenchy Prisme Libre – it aligns the overall tone and gives the right shade. And if you want to use it outside your home, you’d better choose a compact version of Prisme Visage Mat;
  9. To complete the spectacular evening make-up, choose Meteorites Light from Guerlain. The only thing – do not apply it on the oily skin;
  10. Do not want to spend huge money on expensive brands? Try a budget option – Vivienne Sabo Poudre Mélange. It will give a beautiful shade and a restrained flicker.
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