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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Light vs. Fair Review

I not often use concealer in makeup, but I think that such cosmetic tool is necessary. After all, it is easy to hide minor flaws or signs of fatigue with it. But this is the case if concealer is suitable for you. Since the area of this means use is often under the eyes, and where the skin is thin and tender, so many correctors cause dryness and emphasize folds and roughness in this area.

My ideal concealer has long been found – this is Estée Lauder, it does everything it should. But since its price is quite high, I want to find an alternative. And now after watching a lot of reviews on the Internet, I saw a lot of positive response to Maybelline means called FIT Me.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is a liquid masking agent in a tube with a brush. It is designed for effective masking of dark circles under the eyes. The composition includes natural pigments, merging with the shade of skin. It looks like a lip gloss with a brush applicator. The product is presented in a wide range of colors from light to dark. The means is effective and for many people, this is just a find, but I personally didn’t like it much.

The main problem with this product in its liquid texture, it is absolutely not suitable for concealer. After all, it acts as a miracle wand, a rescue tool, which should hide all imperfections. In this case, such function becomes impossible.

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Fit Me is unable to hide something, it just gives a little tone, and with time it starts to get darker. I noticed this not immediately when using it, but in the daylight, it is noticeable to me because it’s necessary to rub the edges incredibly carefully. But that’s not all if you have dry skin or little moisture, then the product will emphasize these areas of the face.

Which Shade to Choose: Light vs. Fair

Now let’s talk about shades of the concealer. I can guess that most popular shades are light (10) and fair (15), and since I have light skin, it is necessary to choose the proper shade. It is important to remember that the shade of the concealer must be chosen in the store by applying some of the product on your face. And always take the color that matches you or a little bit lighter than your skin tone. Anyway, you can always ask for help.

Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer Light

I took the brightest color 10, but I would not say that it will suit girls with snow-white skin. The shade is very warm – more beige. I would say that this is very bad since white-skinned girls do not need this yellowish shade.

Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer Fair

The shade 15 is good for girls of Slavic appearance if you have not extreme snow-white skin. To me, for example, it does not strongly lighten area under the eyes, but thanks to this I can apply it as a foundation for the whole face (for redness, post-acne).

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These two shades are quite similar, but for me, it seems that fair shade is somehow lighter than the light. On the picture, you can see, that 15 shade is more white, and 10 shade is a bit yellowish. So each skin color is individual and I advise you to choose properly, otherwise, it will outstand on your face and this will not give pretty look.