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Top-10 Best Foundations – Choosing Everyday Foundation

In cosmetic arsenal of modern women, as a rule, there are many means for creating ideal make-up. However, among all this variety it is foundation that is as if by magic capable in a few minutes to transform appearance, hiding small wrinkles or masking imperfections. That is why choosing your means you should give special attention to the process, so that instead of miraculous transformation, one can not turn his face into a mask.

In this article I will:

  • define basic criteria for choosing best foundation for your skin;
  • consider rating of the best of the most popular means;
  • try to make a decision, which foundation to buy.

Main Criteria for Choosing the Best Face Makeup Foundation

Choosing foundation, you should be guided not by its cost, although this is an important detail, but primarily the main characteristics of the product.

Individual type of complection

This principle should become decisive when buying the product. It turns out that composition of any product is primarily focused not on the shade of skin, but on its tendency to become oily or dry. So, for example, in a cream for oily type of skin you will not find oils, and a means for dry – among its ingredients excludes alcohol.

Color palette

Of course, color of selected foundation should be based on your face tone. According to basic rules of cosmetology, tone should be chosen a little lighter than natural one in order to avoid unnaturalness. Although now «smart» agents are very popular, that adjust themselves to your face color.


According to consistency, foundations are light, perfectly suitable for summer season, and more dense, with high correcting effect. Most often, manufacturers produce this product in the form of liquid fluid, mousse or stick. The thicker the texture of the product, the more dyeing pigment it contains.

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Additional Features

Often a tonal tool has a wider range of possibilities than mere correcting or matting. You can, for example, come across creams marked «SPF», which protect against harmful effects of sunlight. Not uncommon now foundations with lifting effect.

Top-10 Best Foundation Products

Of course, choice of such cosmetics is a very individual matter. But good foundation tool should stay throughout the day, mask any defects well, and also care about the skin. I have chosen 10 best foundation products of 2017 that cope with these tasks.

Bourjois City Radiance

Composition includes UV filters with high degree of protection and special components that create protective screen on the skin, preventing penetration of UV rays and contaminants. Bourjois City Radiance is one of the best hydrating foundations while leaving no sticky sensation. As for correction, this product hides small defects, but it can not cope with more serious problems.

Pros: inexpensive, moisturizes, protects, not noticeable on face.
Cons: not suitable for oily skin.

Dior Diorskin Forever

Dior Diorskin ForeverManufacturer promised that Diorskin Forever will help to achieve studio Dior makeup at home, if you apply it not with your fingers, but with brand egg-sponge. Foundation has fluid texture, due to which the tone lies like ideal veil, creating effect of «velvet» skin.

Diorskin Forever well masks imperfections, while completely invisible on skin. Persistence and comfort are provided for 16 hours.

Pros: light texture, durability, SPF 25, wide range of shades.
Cons: this product is devoid of any disadvantages.

Max Factor Miracle Match

Max Factor Miracle MatchAmong best fluid foundations of average price category, this cream is an indisputable leader. Its main advantage is outstanding durability, which will come to aid even in the heat. Presence of light reflecting microgranules creates radiant effect, while shine on the face is completely invisible.

Makeup based on Miracle Match turns out to be persistent and maximally natural. 40% of the formula are caring substances, while the product has light texture, suitable for all skin types.

Pros: light texture, durability, a wide range of shades.
Cons: specific odor, which immediately disappears after application.

Lancome Cushion Miracle

Lancome Cushion MiracleRevolution among foundation remedies is a cream-fluid in porous pad. The secret of this means is presence of ultralight moisturizing particles that improve tone of the face, allowing it to breathe throughout the day. As a result – all roughnesses are smoothened, your face looks shining and healthy.

Another advantage of Lancome Cushion Miracle – rich palette, which has about 10 natural shades. The only thing is that the means does not appeal to those who prefer completely matte finish, since this foundation gives a light glow.

Pros: easy unnoticeable coating, moisturizing, protection.
Cons: small volume, not suitable for oily skin.

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Lancome Teint Miracle

Lancome Teint MiracleIn my rating you can find another reliable means of premium-format. Lancome Teint Miracle is the best foundation for your face if you have dry skin. This cream well aligns the tone, masks defects, and also provides care and hydration of skin throughout the day.

Lancome Teint Miracle contains in its composition pearly particles that instantly illuminate your look and fill it with energy.

Pros: not noticeable on face, moisturizes, has pleasant texture.
Cons: none.

L’Oreal Alliance Perfect

L'Oreal Alliance PerfectIf top-5 included universal funds, then the sixth position is taken by matting foundation for oily and combination skin L’Oreal Alliance Perfect. It creates a reliable and maximum natural cover thanks to absorbent microparticles, which absorb excess oil from pores and give seductive matte appearance.

This is a medium-durability product (7 – 9 hours), which is quite enough for easy daytime make-up.

Pros: light texture, large selection of shades.
Cons: not suitable for dry skin.

Givenchy Teint Couture Long-Wearing Fluid

Givenchy Teint Couture Long-Wearing FluidIf previous means is related to budget products, Givenchy Teint Couture is a luxury product and a real find for owners of oily skin. Special components that make up this foundation, improve structure of the skin, making it perfectly even, matte and pleasant to touch. Has high durability up to 15 hours, stays on even in summer.

Another plus is a wide selection of light colors. Perhaps, it is the best liquid foundation with matte effect for oily skin. The only thing, Givenchy Teint Couture is not suitable for age skin, as it will further emphasize existing wrinkles.

Pros: light coating, high resistance, SPF 20, a large selection of light colors.
Cons: not suitable for dry and aging skin.

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Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid MakeupAnti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup can rightfully be called the best foundation for problem skin. This remedy from Clinique perfectly aligns tone of your face and masks small imperfections.

Oily shine, dilated pores, acne and traces of acne in the past – Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup controls production of sebum, thereby helping to prevent new inflammation.

Pros: light, durable, well conceals deficiencies, heals problem skin.
Cons: not for winter, because it contains alcohol.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place MakeupIf take into account advantages only, then this foundation should be in the first position of my top-10. It possesses super-durability (up to 16 hours of perfect make-up), 100% mask any defects, gives noble tone without yellowness.

It contains no alcohol and oils, so Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup is suitable for all skin types. This is best foundation for me personally, however other products in this list are worth considering, so moving on.

Pros: super-durable, light formula, well hides any defects.
Cons: no dispenser.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Create

Missha Perfect Cover BB CreateMy top-10 best all day foundations contains Korean BB-cream, which for several years of release stays firmly in bestsellers on basis of sales. It has a dense texture, but it’s surprisingly easy to apply, professionally masking pigment spots, freckles and pimples. Provides high degree of protection from sunlight.

The only disadvantage of this cream is that it does not mask peeling, after application they stand out even more.

Pros: not noticeable on the face, well conceals imperfection, SPF 42.
Cons: does not mask peeling.

A quality foundation means should professionally level the tone, mask imperfections, and provide full skin care. I hope, my list of top-10 will help you decide which foundation is the best in 2017.

What Product is Better to Choose?

When choosing best foundation to use, first decide for yourself what effect you expect from it. After all, the same agent can, for example, provide perfectly matte and smooth cover, but it can’t to hide imperfections. It is better not to rely on price or manufacturer – as a rule, this approach does not save you from disappointments. To achieve effect of ideal natural makeup, you can only take into account your individual features.

I wish you to find the product that will wrap your face with light and delicate veil, hiding all its imperfections and emphasizing advantages. And I hope my rating will help you with this!