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Testing Sally Hansen Fake Nails At Home

False nails are an excellent alternative to nail extension, which will allow women to make an excellent manicure at home. Sally Hansen fake nails is a good example of an ideal price-quality ratio for me. They are made of high-strength plastic, are very simply pasted and last incredibly long. I bought a kit with a pink manicure. But you can repaint them, and also change their shape. Actually, I’m not a fan of such beauty products, but I has a kind of emergency 🙂 This option can actually help at the right time, so I bought a few packs, just in case 🙂

Sally Hansen false nails are quite elastic and do not seem to differ much from natural ones. To apply them, you should prepare the nail plates, remove the old varnish and push away the cuticle. Then you need to glue each false nail on the inside and press it to the natural. Ensure that there is no air under the surface of the product, because this can cause its rapid ungluing.

How To Apply Sally Hansen Artificial Nails?

I’d like to describe the whole process in detail. Hope it will be useful for you girls. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly, remove old varnish with acetone-containing liquid. Shorten the natural plates. With a wooden stick, move the cuticle away and remove the thin film under the cuticle. Treat the surface of the plate with a soft grinder to make it matte. Select the size of the false nail for each finger. Arrange in a sequential order. Apply a small amount of glue on the inner surface of the false nail and rub it with a bottle spout. Attach the false nail with the glue to the natural one and press it for a while. If there is excess glue, remove it with a wooden stick. Avoid air bubbles, this can lead to premature ungluing of the false nail.

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4 Experiments Or How I Tested Sally Hansen Fake Nails

How I Tested Fake Nails

To be sure that my nails will not let me down in the most inappropriate moment, I decided to check this product for durability).

  • 1 test. Physical impact: I decided to peel off potatoes 🙂 The plates on the right hand held very staunchly, despite my most pessimistic forecasts. Only the plate on the middle finger began to stagger;
  • 2 test. Interaction with water: After cooking, I washed all the dishes. Not a single plate suffered;
  • 3 test. Time: After the night, the plate on the right hand on the thumb began to stagger. As I later found out – it was due to a loose fit of the plate to the nail. The water got there and gradually glue off the false nail. Othes were all right;
  • 4 test: Reaction to varnish: The manufacturer did not indicate how such a product would react to varnish. The effect pleased me! The varnish distributed on the plates like on natural nails. I used a liquid to remove varnish without any negative reactions (I used the product without acetone).

Removing Sally Hansen Artificial Nails: It’s Easy!

For home manicure, you need to know not only how to apply fake nails but also how to remove them. Very few women can wear them for a long time, besides it is dangerous to abuse such a procedure – the maximum time of wearing is 12-14 days. If they last longer, you risk to suffer from fungi. You can remove them in the salon, but I always do it at home:

  • Make a bath with hot water, put the fingertips into it for 15 minutes.
  • When the glue dissolves, take off the tips slowly from the base of the cuticle.
  • Remove the rest of the clue with solvent.
  • Dry your fingers and apply a nail polish.
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Sally Hansen fake nails is an excellent helper in a situation where you need to look beautiful. Despite their fairly simple use, they perfectly hold, you may not be afraid of water and frequent physical influences. If I wish, you may repaint each nail at your own discretion.

I still can feel them on my hands. I felt some discomfort about 12 hours. After that time, they already seemed a natural extension of the nail.

Sally Hansen artificial nails has a con: it is inconvenient for me to use small objects. But eventually you get used to it)

What I liked:

  • Simple use,
  • Easily filed,
  • Easily repainted;
  • A large number of plates in the package.

My nails lasted 4 days, then one nail glued off, and I took off all the rest. I think I will use this option in the future again when I have a special situation! Thank you all for your attention!