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Beauty Ideas for New Years Eve Makeup 2018

How to prepare for the New Year’s image? What beauty products you will need and what makeup to do for a festive photo shoot? Read the answers in my detailed beauty guidelines! 🙂

5 Must-Have Features in Your Eye New Years Eve Makeup


bright eye makeup

When we are speaking about nye makeup, one of the main tasks is to stand out from the crowd, and not merge with it. To do this, you will need a bright accent on the eyes. Those who prefer neutral, natural shades, should go against the system on on New Year’s and add more color to the image. This time, you can experiment with red makeup ideas: this color is considered one of the most fashionable in the current season. Copper smoky eyes with metallic tint or red eyelashes (these can be done with the Eccentrico Mascara Giorgio Armani in the shade of Rouge Iron) – something that will help people around remember you the on New Year’s Eve.



The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about New Year’s look is sparkles. You just can’t do without them: flickering sparkles on New Years Eve dresses, shining glass toys on the Christmas tree, sparkling champagne in glasses – and your image must match. To make the eyes shiny, use glitter eyeshadow – it will be very appropriate, although you can as well add sparkles to your everyday image. So take Heavy Metal liner Urban Decay makeup with glitter will make perfect eye lines – they will be a highlight of your New Years eve party!



The party is the best reason to “try on” the most daring trends from the podium. The smoke in the color of pink gold, thick lines in the eyelid painted with liquid shadows, or glued eyelashes and confetti – choose the option you prefer, and experiment! Let your beautiful New Years Eve eye makeup look trendy.

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You need to take action for your image remain perfect the whole night. You do not want the confetti on the eyelids and lines to turn into a mess, don’t you? The least you can do is apply an eyeshadow primer. This will be the most reliable option. Proof It NYX Professional waterproof eye foundation is quite suitable. With it, you may not worry that your eyeshadows will crumble and spread even before the clock strikes twelve.



You can take neon liner, shadows with sparkles, green mascara – and at the same time stay in your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to surprise yourself and other people. How much courage do you have? The “tears” of glitter under the eyes, fluffy eyelashes plus-size and other beauty-madness. Make your New Years Eve makeup an adventure. It’s a great idea.

Best Trends in New Years Eve Makeup 2018

Best Trends in New Years Eve Makeup 2018

What image will you choose? Glitter eyeshadow, bright lips or smoky? But why not try something more original in 2018? Create a memorable make-up! I will give you some New Years makeup ideas I really like.

1. Multicolor

Multicolored eyelids that remind the wings of exotic butterflies are both a bright and light version of glam makeup look. The combinations of shadows in this case can be the most incredible. One of the main trends 2018 is the black-and-red combination. Take an example from the Byblos models: draw the lower eyelid with an orange pencil, and add contrasting green shadows in the inner corner.

2. Lines on the eyelids

Another simple way to create a remarkable New Year party makeup is to decorate the upper eyelid with a bright or black line. With the help of a lasting eyeliner, underline the fold of the eyelid, stroke the entire upper eyelid with uneven lines, or make careless strokes in the area under the eyebrow!

3. Doll lashes

One of my favorite eye makeup tips! I recommend that you take a closer look! Use false eyelashes (watch some videos to learn how to glue them properly) or paint eyelashes in the style of “spider paws”. For a more delicate version, you can paint either upper or lower eyelashes.

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4. Bold detail

New Year’s Eve 2018 is an excellent occasion to try on a bold and fashionable version of make-up, which you do not wear on ordinary days. Add an amusing detail to the image: emphasize the cheekbones with a silvery eyeliner, draw “tears” on your cheeks, make your eyebrow bright, sprinkle sparkles all over the face or glue them on lips. Well, at least paint your lips with a strange shade you did not dare before!

5. Bright eye lines

Bright lines – both monophonic and multicolored – are one of the main trends of the season that will help you create cool makeup looks. Forget about the dark winter colors and choose red, blue, yellow or green liners – an excellent solution. Well, do not forget about the brilliant!

6. Mono eyeshadows

It is not necessary to recreate the artist’s palette on the eyelids, the one-color eye makeup can look festive too. The main thing is to choose truly unusual colors: try cobalt, lemon or wine.

7. Oversize

In the New Year’s Eve 2018, do not be afraid to break the boundaries – at least in makeup. Sweeping smoky, lines shaded almost to the temples, wide gold “glare” on the eyelids: a festive New Years makeup can be excessive!

New Year’s Eye Makeup for Green Eyes


Violet, peach or copper shadows are the best choice for New Years makeup looks if you want to highlight green eyes. How to create a beautiful image with their help?

  1. Use a soft black pencil to paint the intermittent space in the upper eyelid. Stroke the entire mobile eyelid and then shade the medium one with a brush: thus you will create a reliable base for the shadows of the primary color;
  2. Apply copper shadows with a strong shimmer on the upper eyelid and under the lower eyelashes, shade in the smoky technique;
  3. Line the mucous of the lower eyelid with a black pencil;
  4. Add light gray shadows with a shimmer in the inner corner of the eye, put “glare” on the center of the mobile eyelid;
  5. Correct the eyebrows. Fill in the “blanks” with the help of a pencil, carefully paint the missing hairs, use eyebrow shadows. Fix the hairs with gel;
  6. Twist the eyelashes with a curler and use mascara. Finish the nye makeup look with a nude lipstick or lip gloss.
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New Year’s Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes


Girls with brown eyes are lucky: they can use almost any color. We opted for a gentle purple-violet color, which delicately emphasizes the color of the eyes and creates a festive mood.

  1. Add cold pink eyeshadow with a shimmer to the fold of the eyelid, put a matte light pink under the eyebrow;
  2. Emphasize the line of the lower lashes with matte brown shadows, add shiny brownish-pink in the outer corner of the eye. Tip: Do not shade the pigment, and use a brush, so that the color become more saturated;
  3. Add a few light silvery shadows at the center of the upper eyelid and in the inner corner of the eye. Make sure that the boundaries between the different shades are not visible, achieve a smooth gradient. This silver glitter makeup look looks perfect;
  4. Paint the mucous contour of the lower eyelid stain with gray or dark green shadows;
  5. Draw the classic lines with the black liner. Paint the upper eyelashes with mascara;
  6. Use the gel to emphasize the color of your eyebrows, apply a soft pink pearl lipstick on the lips.

New Year’s Eye Makeup for Gray and Blue Eyes


The combination of golden and wine shadows is a perfect New Years Eve makeup look for girls with blue eyes.

  1. Emphasize the mucous contour and line of eyelash growth in the upper eyelid with a black liner;
  2. Apply shining shades in a shade of champagne or all the mobile eyelids, add matte wine to the outer corner of the eye. Shade borders;
  3. Draw a thin line on the upper eyelid of a plum color. Then, apply shadows of the same tone, as if shading the boundaries;
  4. Add a little black shadows in the outer corner of the eye, and gray – under the lower eyelashes. Apply light satin shadows on the area under the eyebrow and in the inner corner. Shade all the color transitions with a soft brush. Paint eyelashes with mascara or glue some false eyelashes to create a wow effect;
  5. Apply brow shadows, paint lips with a moisturizing lipstick of a muted shade.

I hope, girls, you like my ideas for New Years Eve Makeup 2018! Do not afraid to experiment, emphasize your beauty and create a unique image for that day! Wish you all good mood and inspiration!

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