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Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review: Photos, Price and Application

A little background: I’ve been using European BBs for a long time, but I do not really like Garnier, Loreal is always difficult to find, and I could not get Maybelline testers anywhere. I needed them because I was afraid to buy a wrong tone. And a few days ago I got Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream tester which I LOVED and purchased a full format version the same day. Why? I will explain in this article.

BB Cream Dream Fresh: to buy or not to buy?

Dream Fresh BB cream is a perfect option for both normal and dry skin. The product gives a healthy and radiant shine, saturates the skin with useful ingredients.

To ensure that your dry skin has an attractive appearance and is moistened to the required degree, the producers enriched the beauty product with vitamins, chamomile extracts and aloe. These ingredients carefully care for your skin.

bb cream

  • Packaging: BB Cream Fresh Maybelline is sold in a simple tube with a lid. Pretty cheap plastic, but the main thing is that the product is good;
  • Tone: I took a “light” tone, this color suits me perfectly. There is a sunlight protection SPF 30, this is an average and effective level. Do not take sunscreen and BBs with less SPF. Of course, I’m not telling you should use SPF 50 (unless of course you are very “snow-white” and you burn in the sun easily);
  • Smell, color, texture: This BB does not have any strong smell, it’s rather standard. Bear in mind that you may easily buy a wrong color. My shade is called “light” but in fact it’s more yellow-orange. But when applied, it becomes completely white, like a normal face product and adjusts to the tone of your face. I advise you to focus more on the name than on the color in the tube.
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Dream Cream Maybelline has a very light consistency and quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving a little tone and noble radiance. This product can be applied without a mirror, you will not have stains or lines, just apply it as a normal day cream. It’s not sticky, very light and weightless, I can’t feel it on my face.

So who should buy Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream?

Thanks to the creamy but light texture, this product is perfect for girls with a dry or combination skin. The product moisturizes well (no extra means are needed), hides the peeling, does not disappear throughout the day. Girls with combination skin will need to periodically use a mock-up napkin on the T-zone .

When you should NOT use BB Cream Dream Fresh?

This product is not suitable for photo shooting since it has many light-reflecting particles. I also do not recommend using it in evening make-up. Light and artificial lightning will add a greasy lustre. Those who STILL wants to purchase a BB for these purposes should take matting wipes with them. I use this BB ceryday make-up.

8 in 1 effects: my personal experience

The product hides small redness and enlarged pores, gives a really natural glow (very small light-reflecting particles are however visible). You can forget about foundations, powders, concealers, tonal bases – the BB with easily replace them. 2 layers are enough to get a very good foundation, which can hide a small pimple. This product is used not very economically if you apply it every day. For me, BB Cream Dream Fresh is a must-have – light, no mask effect, does not emphasize peeling, an excellent shade, moisturizes. If you have no serious flaws, you will have the effect of Photoshop! 🙂

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The manufacturer promises 8-in-1 effect. But I do not agree with ALL points. So let’s review the features of this 8 in 1 beauty balm skin perfector:

  1. Hides imperfections but not severe redness. If it’s acne (post-acne) or some other irritations, it will hide them only from the second or third layer;
  2. Gives radiance. Looks good, but unusual 🙂
  3. Smoothes – perfectly;
  4. Merge with the tone of the skin – yes. Numerous Dream BB Cream reviews confirm this fact;
  5. Moisturizes during the day – those with very dry skin should no forget about an additional moisturizing cream or serum;
  6. Gives a feeling of freshness – the cream, of course, does not lie as a mask and does not cause unpleasant sensations, but I do not feel freshness either;
  7. Protects from UV (SPF 30). I can not say anything about it. As far as I know, this factor is suitable for autumn-winter; and SPF 50 is recommended for the summer;
  8. No oily shine – it is difficult for me to distinguish between “fat gloss” and “shine”. Someone will shine “too shiny”, I’m ok (especially with a powder and matting napkins).

Three main reasons WHY I like Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream:

  • No oily shine. Thanks to the special texture, the work of the sebaceous glands is not activated;
  • The skin becomes smooth and gentle;
  • The product does not overdry my skin.


Dream Cream Maybelline is a good alternative to tonal basis, foundation and moisturizing creams. It gives a noble shade, adds glow and smooths the texture of your skin. You will not feel it on your face, it’s very light. I really liked the effect, it will perfectly suit girls with dry or combination skin. It is not very economical, but it has a LOW PRICE – about $6. I advise you all to buy this cosmetic tool!

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Thank you all for your attention! Have a good purchase!