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Benefit Coralista – My Preference – Your Choice?

I have very light skin tone. To tell you the truth it is rather difficult to find a blush of coral shade for me. Almost all such products look like a red spot on my face. Nevertheless, I found some good option for myself – Benefit Coralista.

Benefit Coralista – My Choice and Recommendation

Outer Look

The blush is packed in a cardboard box. Design is creative having a colorful package. On the whole it makes quite a pleasant impression. The lid closes tight enough by means of magnet, but it’s still not possible to take it within reach constantly. Unhandy, impractical packaging prevents from gitting it all the time. Under the cover, it hass additionally a plastic “pillow”. Benefit Calorista has a fragrance which is strong enough. It smells like peaches.

Shade and Glow

The blush is of warm coral pink with little shimmering effect. But there are no sparkles in them, they are satin. I think this color is very versatile, because due to presence of pink pigment, the shade is adjusted to any skin color and looks more like peach.

Due to the fact that there are several shades in blush, the rouge changes their “temperature” depending on different light. But basically they look all the same warm. The glow gives a delicate, it’s more like just overflowing on skin, but still, if skin has noticeable imperfections (pimples, scars, large pores, etc.), then remember these blush will highlight these imperfections more strongly.

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Characteristics and Application

This cosmetic product is very fine, silky. Apply to cheeks by light movements, shading well. You can blend them completely, so that only shine will remain on cheeks.

As I mentioned above, Coralista has a satin gleam, so it may be used as highlighter. In the summer it looks very nice when the skin is a little tanned. I also like how blush looks like on pale skin. Try not to use this product on winter time because it will show up too much.benefit

Persistence and Consumption

Blush persistence is average. By evening, it is noticeably faded. Consumption is tiny, because they are highly pigmented. Coralista refreshes look smoothly, but we must remember about satin gleams which should be used carefully, if the skin have any imperfections.

When I use Benefit Coralista, I do not use any more highlighter. This is my life-saver when makeup needs to be done quickly. If I had to choose only one blush, I would have chosen Coralista and only for $28.00.

Other Blush Shades by Benefit

If you do not agree with my choice, you are welcome to look at other blushes by Benefit which have different shades and texture. I organize it in such a way to make information available. You are welcome to look at it beauties!

Product Name Description Price Photo
GALifornia Powder Benefit’s NEW GALifornia golden pink line blends bright pink with shimmering gold, for a sunny glow that suits all skin tones. The soft, blendable formula creates a look of California sunshine plays on your face. Signature scent offers pink grapefruit & vanilla features.  $29.00  GALifornia powder blush
Dallas Dusty Rose Face Powder It provides you a natural-looking shine that will make you look younger and fascinating. This powder should be put on across cheeks, forehead and chin ensuring sunkissed complexion.  $29.00  Dallas Dusty
Dandelion Brightening Finishing Powder This ballerina-pink face powder makes your complexion shining. Put it on cheeks as a soft means or blend it all over face as finishing powder.  $29.00  dandelion
 Rockateur This is rocking rose gold cheek powder with provocative shade. The exclusive formula blends the best aspects of baked, powder, cream and fluid textures for brighter effects.  $29.00  Rockateur
 Hervana It is orchid-blossom product! It is comprosed of 4 shades—lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight—combine them together to perfectly  shade your look.  $29.00  Hervana
 Sugarbomb It is comprised of 4 shimmering shades of peach, soft plum, pink and rose together and sweep powder on cheeks for a naturallook. It is instant sugary flush flattering all complexions.  $29.00  Sugarbomb
Majorette Cream Majorette is your booster product. Put on peppy pink-peach color alone or together with your most usable blush for an instant “immediate.” It accelerates your natural cheek flush. Cream-to-powder formula guarantees you flirtatious, fresh-faced look.  $29.00  Majorette cream blush
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You have a wide right for choice. You may select the most favourable for yourself product by Benefit, moreover the price seems attractive. There are also mini-packs fit to have it within reach constantly to refresh makeup. If you have any hesitations how to put blush on correctly, you are welcome to watch the video:

Good Luck, Beauties! Your Alise!

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