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Top 8 MAC Syrup Dupes That Will Make Your Lips Sexy!

MAC syrup lipstick was created by makeup artists of the American MAC company and this is ONE of my favorites! This product will be your indispensable assistant in creating the perfect makeup and will emphasize your nnatural beauty. This is a professional product is of high quality which will give you not only attractive look, but also comprehensive care. The lipstick is well pigmented and has a delicate creamy texture that gently covers the surface, giving volume and a bright persistent shade. MAC syrup lipstick reviews are numerous and purely positive 🙂

The special formula prevents dryness, peeling and roughness, deeply saturates the cells with moisture, softens, makes them smooth, elastic and silky, creating the effect of “wet” lips. The product has a pleasant powdery flavor and is kiss-proof. It has a convenient laconic case that you may put in your purse or cosmetic bag. This tool will easily replace your other cosmetic products and will be the final touch in creating an elegant image. You will surely love MAC Syrup color, but there is one factor that might keep you from buying this product – its high price. It costed about $18.00 last year and the price is probably even higher in 2017. Below you will find EXCELLENT MAC syrup dupes that may easily replace this cosmetic product and make you sexy 🙂

The Best MAC Syrup Dupes 2017

1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Honey) – $9.00

1Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm has a pronounced cosmetic and healing effect. It’s an essential means of care which contains natural ingredients – organic oils of olive, coconut, dogrose, shea butter, palm oil, castor oil, rosemary oil, vitamin E and citrus extracts. This rich natural composition intensively nourishes and saturates your lips with nutrients, vitamins and life-giving moisture. It helps to restore dry and cracked skin, softens and smoothes it, significantly increases the protective barrier. The gentle consistency of the product contributes to its easy application and uniform distribution. The product eliminates dryness and tightness of the lips, they are not overloaded and are not sticky!! A nice bonus is a healthy lip gloss and a delicate aroma. I could not believe my eyes – it looks JUST LIKE MAC syrup lipstick color! Check it yourself.

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2. Revlon Super Lustrous (Sassy Mauve) – $8.00

2Revlon Super Lustrous gives you a luxurious satin shine, rich color, elasticity and charm of ripe cherries. With this tool, your makeup looks seductive, voluminous, expressive. Men can’t take their eyes off my chic lips 🙂 The product takes care of your delicate skin, protects from weathering, cracking, roughness and blocks the effect of bright sun and frosty wind.

Revlon Super Lustrous moisturizes your lips and enriches them with avocado oil, softens and gives smoothness. Thanks to the creamy texture, it gently touches and gently slides over your lips. Smooth, clear strokes ensure uniform coloration! The dense, saturated color looks amazing. The cosmetic product will fill all imperfections and last all day long.

With Revlon Sassy Mauve, my lips are seductive, like scarlet petals. My makeup is perfect from morning till late evening. I like the result and recommend you testing this inexpensive MAC syrup dupe.

3. Cle De Peau (Water Lilly) – $65.00

3The manufacturer enriched Cle De Peau products with valuable natural ingredients that perfectly moisturize and nourish. You never stop surprising all people around with radiant, mouth-watering lips.

Cle De Peau Water Lilly gives a gorgeous satin shine. It fits perfectly with a bright elegant evening outfit and a usual one. With it, your lips become visually fuller, acquire tenderness and an amazing shine. The product includes hyaluronic acid, regulating the level of moisture, as well as collagen propeptides, phospholipids and other anti-aging ingredients. A natural argan oil protects the skin lips from the aggressive effects of sunlight, frosty wind and other external factors. Cle De Peau gives your lips a magnificent radiance and perfect health! I LOVE it. I admit it’s a very good MAC syrup dupe. The similarity is about 90%!

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4. Estee Lauder Hi-Lustre Pure Color Envy (Sweet Sinner) – $32.00

4Estee Lauder has a perfect glossy texture. It moisturizes your lips throughout the day, which is especially true in the cold period. Estee Lauder Sweet Sinner is the innovation of 2016 and the absolute favorite of the girls.

The series has a wide palette of intense shades, which are easily applied and evenly distributed. One of the shades is similar to MAC syrup lipstick, so it can be considered a good MAC syrup dupe! Thanks to hyaluronic acid in the composition, your lip skin will always be moistened and nourished, regeneration and renewal processes are also accelerated. The shiny particles will give incredible shining flicker. With Estee Lauder, your lips will become voluminous and seductive!

5. Guerlain Kisskiss (Kiss Blossom) – $37.00

5With Guerlain Kisskiss, your lips look very gentle and cause a desire to sense their taste, merge into a sweet kiss 🙂 What makes them so attractive? Moisturizing Guerlain Kisskiss balm of the French brand gives them a perfect color and gently emphasizes the seductive curves.

This product will make your lips a real sensation! Exquisite shades, delicate satin texture and care will make this cosmetic your favorite! Thanks to active moisturizing ingredients that saturate your skin, you can feel comfort and enjoy the smoothness of your lips.

Moisturizing Guerlain Kisskiss (Kiss Blossom) will become a luxurious addition to the cosmetic bag of any fashionista!

6. MAC Lipstick (Brave) – $17.00

6MAC Lipstick (Brave) will give a dazzling shade and extra volume. This is a great product which will help create a professional make-up and become your irreplaceable must-have. The product is well pigmented, which provides a beautiful and persistent foundation, which causes admiring glances of men 🙂 The product has a dense, velvety texture that gently slides over the surface of your lips and saturating them with a bright color just like MAC syrup dupe! It also leaves a luxurious matte finish.

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Due to the carefully verified formula, the product does not spread over the contours and does not clog into the wrinkles. The product deeply moisturizes, eliminates peeling, softens, makes your lips smooth, elastic and silky. It has a convenient compact case that will become an ornament of any cosmetic bag. The product will necessarily give an excellent result!

7. Urban Decay (Sheer Rapture) – $17.00

7Easy application and rich color in one movement – I speak about Urban Decay (Sheer Rapture)! It allows you to transform and refresh your makeup at any time. Be always fully armed! 🙂 The company released a lot of new shades for you and recreated the fashionable vintage colors. I like the one similar to MAC syrup lipstick swatch!!!

The manufacturer says that this series uses two technologies: Pigment Infusion System, which gives rich, dense, persistent shades, and Maxi-Lip, which makes your lips larger and more appetizing. The composition includes a nutritious mixture of jojoba, avocado, cocoa and shea oils, providing super hydration and proper nutrition. Urban Decay is not just a cosmetic, it’s a stylish accessory. It’s made in the form of a cartridge case, it emphasizes your eccentricity and impeccable taste! No doubt, you can always take a luxurious compact case with you!

8. Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Lip Color (Douglas) – $36.00

8This color looks exactly like MAC syrup lipstick!

I love the texture! This is a dense lipstick which overlays the pigment of your lips, but at the same time I can’t feel it. Durability is excellent, I wear it all day long without correcting. The smell is a little retro, but it instantly disappears 🙂 The scars are not emphasized. This product is perfect! It has a microscopic shimmer that gives volume. The product is creamy and soft, has a calm, intelligent gloss. Does not dry your lips at all. I wash it off easily with a usual cleanser.

I love it! Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Lip Color (Douglas) is good in every way!

So I hope you have found my selection of MAC syrup dupes! I’ve tried them all and can be 100% sure you will like every analog offered in my review! This list contains products from each price category and every girl will certainly find what she needs! 🙂